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Look at my track and field for practice do?

I run fast Hehe2010-01-30 22:01:03 +0000 #1
I had this year, with a high one. Junior high school high school, I feel that my run was also admitted to the sports line of 100 meters on the strong points of Health. Was third-year second half of the semester, I had no practiced wearing spiked shoes a run on the 12.56 (electricity in mind), and then I have not practiced, to a high school a month after a school sports I wear spiked shoes to run 100 meters 12.34 (Notes from ) run high school second, and then a month later I have to wear spiked shoes to attend the District Games 100-meter run 12.28 (hands), to the present day track and field, I had not practiced. I am 17 years old, 1 m 76 69kg, but I do not know why the students higher than me, than I am fat. But without my weight, probably because I have almost no body fat bar. . . There is my little calf is very thick, and not be an exaggeration to say that close to the thigh so coarse. I ran the fastest 50-meter junior high than 6 seconds when the three, I ran 100 meters in a time when, after half a fundamental lack access to power. Is that there is no endurance, explosive power is not very good (and the District people than the games), I start at school is still very good. Track and field team, when people say I run the hands of incoordination. . But I did not even practiced, that would be these movements. . . I practiced for 100-meter run in the end do? There is my little calf and thigh is almost as thick, but my leg is not very thick. . . Hope that the professional who can give me pointing something, I do 100 meters in the end for practice? If suitable please tell me how to exercise (copied from the Internet onto the on No, I have seen online) 12.28 ... there is what I considered a high one soon? I can never practiced呀

Organの夜Izumi2010-01-30 22:06:24 +0000 #2
you are suitable for running long-distance, multi-practice very fine. You try, feet close together, squat down, after wrestling is not suitable for long-distance running, wrestling will be suitable for sprinting, not reluctantly trial. And thought to be more long-distance running, if you run fast啦operator
Lao Hu took the gun2010-01-30 22:10:45 +0000 #3
high a 12.28啦... I now have a good high-3 before I ran 11.90 We have just the opposite way soon after a slow start. .. I have good instincts. Our team one year, beginning 13 seconds with啦3 is now 11 seconds is as long as the two athletes啦efforts have not been gifted this hypothesis



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