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East Asian Games, Liu Xiang, the Hong Kong airport, wearing a black jacket of that pieces of what br

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Liu Xiang endorsement of the Generally, there are brand Coca-Cola, Amway, VISA, Nike, EMS, Erie, Aokang, Cadillac, etc. Judging is to take Nike to pull.

Liu Xiang won the gold medal is the brand they scramble to find the key to its endorsement, of course, whether or not the gold medal is available as a former trapeze to continue as part of the brand endorsements, but the race is expected to bring back a lot of brands out of contention for this brand spokesperson Liu Xiang marketing arena. According to statistics, in 2005, Liu Xiang's revenues of approximately 10.19 million yuan in 2007, about a hundred million, this is based on Liu Xiang won a gold medal on the basis of a number of endorsement created a Liu Xiang, the high-income. If you get the gold medal in the Olympic Games, I believe that Liu Xiang's endorsement and the endorsement of the brand will cost more, but to retire makes a number of brands of perplexity is to continue to use Liu Xiang, endorsement marketing it? Liu Xiang's endorsement, or gradually reduce the marketing it? I believe the brand they are thinking about this issue.
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