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Sport 2 years without training, in practice can be all right

____ __ salty fish2010-01-31 00:01:35 +0000 #1
all 16 weeks of this year, and now wanted to test a sports university, break two years ago also the level of 2 bar. Former practicing the high jump, and the negative items 3 jump. Experienced to get an idea can be trained in, then what better to practice, thank you
Coyote Scorpion2010-01-31 00:04:21 +0000 #2
It depends on how you want to test if the wanted admitted into the college a very the general University (undergraduate) on Kapu stroke (4) because you have a certain amount of grounding can be said that the advantages of not undergone the training than most that if you have two cards, then may wish to consider a single move is also good that I have a lot of students test when only a single move! -! -!

However, we must pay close attention to the because you have not practiced for two years time to return (excess replies) me for a moment in order to reach the previous level there could be admitted to college (I am not saying that) is also not to indulge in sports is also thought they should be dead Dynamic brain to think more of the technical essentials

Oh, right! -! - Another point to say that if you wanted to test the words of cultural studies, S & P move will certainly build up such a point to ensure even greater! -!

Want to believe! -! - You can wish you admitted to one of your ideal college! -! --



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