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I will run throughout the Xiamen International Marathon, but did not how trained, should pay attenti

Hi Goat and Big Big Conan2010-01-31 00:01:48 +0000 #1

OoDARKoO2010-01-31 00:04:58 +0000 #2
full do? True courage

just a few days now so tired that time period of fatigue is more costly in the

as long as the activities of everyday activities, like the

thermal warm-up shoes to wear running shoes, of course not the case of the full range from heavy foot foam toe cap will be lost if the -- The first time I played a foot blisters is a multi-wai ... more common but now almost Adi and multi-wai even cheaper poor quality, have no sense of how much

I remember the first time before running a marathon and eat bread and drink a a bottle of water ... very early on made the gun - and eat too much of the whole process down and have gastroptosis

game there are a lot of water stations nutritional drink will not be missing啦
And then there's after they get out Do not worry Do not fear running slowly behind

start when you have a lot of rabbits running along with a balloon on the list



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