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Even in 2009, followed by the distribution of recruits under the company's呀? Look at training the

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footballboa2010-01-31 00:08:04 +0000 #2
view is, there is a quota for each company. There is such a person would first go to the appropriate place.

And then, like the Nanjing Military Region, recruiting in general is based on the first row or press by several military sub-region off. Mody down on one level and then sub呀. unless you are incredibly good performance of the. Otherwise, according to sub-unit is a small collective achievement.

but still, and little to do with your last foothold. because the Force against General is an open discussion format, several officials or a head of the same points as the joke may be the best performance this year, the unit went to the best of company. until next year is the best performing unit to the appraisal of the company to balance the worst to go a



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