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It should be added before the 800-meter run, what will help to improve performance

xmjdtc1993052010-01-31 00:02:02 +0000 #1
Today, Monday, Wednesday, our school athletic meets, I would like to participate in 800-meter run, not do my stamina, physical fitness quite bad, I just want to do bottom of the competition, looked at the web of knowledge, some say blunt glucose powder is good, some people say enhanced Red Bull is good, some people say eating chocolate, but it was said that it would lead to Nianzhu throat, shortness of breath, but I have seem to have read a report said Running pre-drink sugary things were bad, will feel tired, then I should add something? Endurance have enough energy represents enough stamina to finish the race do? Masters the exhibitions, extra points extra points!
huaer2369572010-01-31 00:11:35 +0000 #2
mainly depend on the will is your most tired, the time to stick to 800 meters on the lap or two

800 meters when I was in junior high school who is also the first university in the first three no shadow of

(other were too fast) My experience is the steady running is not the first to start (the best idea is to follow

Do not lag too much behind the top few) when the final bend (200 meters) to accelerate the most desperate will also speed up

then the test will stubbornly insist on having a to win every time I have tired to finish Buxing Le

after all, not practicing sports tips terrible aching legs before the race to be eating chocolate can also be eaten

glucose that is in the final fight when the key is to play a more rational allocation of roles

physical start an undisputed head (unless you are practicing sports) uniform

finally see a good 200 meters individual physical difference between when the accelerated speed

100 meters when the final reminder that in fact we will insist on the physical are almost to the end, after all inverted

is to see who insist to live in the most uncomfortable when you do not give up keep moving!

(Have time to practice two laps of the first two points refer to 40)

was the school's 800 meters champion
focus on bread2010-01-31 00:27:38 +0000 #3
800 meters? Lara ligaments can first, and then you do a few push-ups properly, in the 800 meters in the most difficult to twist the waist up is to the final 150-200 meters this, your strength and lung capacity will not keep up with there will be a desire to give up and continued to feel Then you run when you should twist your waist big points with the point force magnitude (that is, say waved) with a slight decrease Yao Li foot force can save the trouble could be the last sprint, and probably so :100-200 little can be quick, 200-500 medium-speed on-line 500-600 with a slight acceleration 600-800 Yao Li, can achieve the purpose of such a sprint down you should be able to improve and, if a run-off before you do the best urinary urgency of re - run, you run faster and a lot of simmering, you urine after a run, the body heat will be dropped, but I 1,000 m 3 min more than 30 bar
Yu Xin-fang,2010-01-31 01:20:37 +0000 #4
I have never ran sprints, I ran a general when they would want me to drink glucose syrup, I drank a can not stand, and later we switched to drinking water, the results were pretty good, or else you try?
394.41481 million2010-01-31 01:12:58 +0000 #5
glucose injection --- so you can drink the purer easily absorbed -

Chocolate is to accelerate the decomposition of the catalyst (to ensure sufficient energy available to you) - you can eat in half an hour before the start of the trip -

breathing with the science - as well as pre-run stretching movements were - and running their skills I believe you will be able to!



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