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Site can generally jump long jump far?

251,828,9072010-01-31 02:01:27 +0000 #1
I can only jump up to 1.8, I see other people online say that they can jump 2 meters of the type 2, how can you jump that far. . .
qq6243723242010-01-31 02:08:17 +0000 #2
You are the boys and girls? My boys this year, 18, standing long jump from the third-year had been a two meters of five or six. This depends on personal qualities with the physical development of the situation, and in particular, to see the development of leg muscle groups, abdominal muscles also have a certain influence, there is dancing, when the precise action specifications, consistency affect the long jump results. Therefore, this is not to generalize the results
leiwen1002010-01-31 02:40:33 +0000 #3
standing long jump movements differ in their approaches, the results are not the same jump. So how physical change in the circumstances, jump farther? After a standing long jump repeated teaching practice and exploration, improved a number of techniques and methods, received good results. Their practices are as follows:

1, feet equal stations

For the legs stop method, is often neglected. Sports materials Opinions vary on this issue: Some "legs, slightly sub"; Some requirements "on two legs to shoulder width." As for the stand in any position, teaching materials and not specifically defined, so the majority of PE teachers adopt the "8" shape-station. In teaching practice, I feel that the former scale difficult to grasp, which, although clear, but bigger. My approach is: feet first station is set up position, and then before the toe for support and the feet follow the separation of the two sides to the legs into a parallel position. In this way, all toes forward, and sports in the same direction, while the basic legs in a vertical position, neither produce angle, but also conducive to the knee and ankle joint movement. And students dare easy to grasp.

Second, arms swinging and respiratory co-ordination

arm and respiratory reasonable cooperation is very important. In teaching, pre-swing arm relaxed when placed in the head by a slow bottom-up, followed by easy to inhale and then to the arms from the rear on both sides of the breath. When you want to take off before the arms were quickly placed in the head from the bottom up, at present, followed by swift and breath deeply to both sides of the hem with the rear, as fast movements, but at this time is not a breath, but hold your breath. This muscle before take-off to provide maximum energy, enhance muscle moment when the explosive take-off.

3, the body center of gravity forward

in teaching, my approach is: When the take-off before, with the top-down to both sides of the rear swing arms, the upper body forward, bringing two crook of the arm QU Cheng-squat posture, heel raised, with the pre-feet grip and control the body balance, center of gravity as the forward. Although the forward center of gravity is not so great, it is very important. In this way, jump forward when you do not have to focus on the consumption of power, in order to create conditions for the body to move the top of the Tengqi.

4, frog swing is the key

take-off pendulum effect when the tread how much is to determine the degree of physical Tengqi important factor. In teaching, right arms during take-off pendulum method, I am not as simple as teaching the top of the swing from back to front. Because that is only acting on the pendulum arms, but not driven body. To this end I used the high jump take-off when the arms of the pendulum method, but the direction is not only upward, but forward the top of the pendulum. Take-off, the legs before the feet with rapid tread, the same time on both sides of the rear arms to move from the top to do a powerful swing, making the body forward at the top of Tengqi.

Attention! ! ! *
, "Behind my tips so that you not only jump far, do not fall to the ground after the ride on the" landing, the leg extensor force the farther forward the better! Heel, knees, while his knee forced forward the top, there is the feeling of forward kneeling beneath the rapid transition to the former foot, upper body leaning forward. Near the beginning of the first jump point, experience action. After the force skilled jump!

I wish you success!

Standing long jump, the main requirements and explosive leg strength of waist and abdomen, as well as body coordination, of course, technology itself is. To be effective for three months, mainly practicing moves, techniques, strength training also should pay attention to waist and thigh muscles and muscles exercises. Action will focus on technology, the timing and take-off take-off when the high and low center of gravity of the coordination and cooperation, this mainly based on your height, weight, leg strength may be. To determine the subjective scale is your feeling when landing leg force before the close, after the swing arms force, maintain a balance. The thigh muscles can be used when practicing the barbell squat, jump deep squatting and other weight-bearing. Lumbo-abdominal strength training can be used sit-ups, hanging leg raise and other methods
hbqhdcllei2010-01-31 02:42:37 +0000 #4
2.5 about
Kobe LOVE basketball2010-01-31 02:24:40 +0000 #5
junior high school to university, 2 meters 65 excellent, 2 m 34 passes in college sports soon, and we have just measurement,
cweny222010-01-31 02:50:21 +0000 #6
2 Mi 34 grade? I guess not, we have men like 2.10, 2.20 Colombian general about



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