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With regard to the technical movement 100m sprint

xhmuxh2010-01-31 03:01:41 +0000 #1
sprint I was running, but unfortunately I have no professional coach

the frequency of relatively fast, but the pace is not to see those who run faster than my people are big pieces of the frequency trot, I also tried to increase the pace, but the frequency was significantly slower, and my scores dropped in the end a lot

I want to train how to stride frequency of double-income ah
fishing _ China2010-01-31 03:06:26 +0000 #2
I was a student in sports.

you need to know. frequency is very important to sprint .. .. you can not reduce your stride frequency!!!

With the stride frequency .. want to have to think faster pace!!

but keep in mind should not affect the pace of your stride frequency. !! I feel that stride frequency is more important than pace.!!

but the pace can not lack.!!

I'm a shorter people .. 170. .. I have short legs in particular best result was 11 seconds, 3 .. results not very good .. but some .. than me longer than my legs are not my speed .. I will be satisfied. But the worse of me than those ..

Hehe, when I started to no-step amplitude.!!

because you really do not have professional training ... so ... your performance will definitely drop啦!

If you want to double-income, then practice .. ... must be more likely to take some time Oh .!!

just the beginning .. because you do not require performance results would certainly be the beginning of your original bad ..

But .. you do not abandon the practice ... practice time focusing on stride length.!!!

slowly ... your results will be leaps and bounds.!! believe me ... I was like ..

... a high leg lift exercises stride running .. .. .. weight-bearing after the tread running stride .!!

Do not underestimate these exercises will give you great help ...!

Many people will find a high leg lift to no avail .. In fact, the effect of a high leg lift is more good ...

If you can adhere to so .. I am sure you must be OK!!!

I hope you can successfully ....!!!!!! refueling
drink from the source 732010-01-31 03:24:26 +0000 #3
more practice stride jump, after the tread running, downhill running, we can maintain the frequency of the case of increasing your stride.



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