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800-meter run (and I feel really bad after the finish)

jt19952010-01-31 03:02:07 +0000 #1
started this, when measured over 800 meters, but the examination of the very poor finish, after a vomiting, how to avoid -
to look at one more question do not talk2010-01-31 03:13:39 +0000 #2
you that vomiting does not matter, one up and running are still very hurt that period of time does not exercise will have you said, the state of Bale.

Should be slowly and practice

which they should not have said this problem is to avoid it should be said in the face of every life, run down and could not immediately be able to ... ... of 4.008001 billion. You can take it step by step to say today you run 800-meter run while you are feeling tired, you're Xie Hui. And the running of this campaign is temper the will of a people's sport. You set yourself a goal when you complete it when you will feel immense pleasure.

I recommend:

1. Insist on a bit of running every day training or walking on their own lung capacity that would be helpful or even to maintain

2. Running Jogging Buzhi Yu can choose to look at very quickly run up to the late puff

3. may participate in other sports like basketball football training for this will also increase their lung capacity, but also help to thin to make their lower blood lipids and blood thick.

4. Guizaijianchi consistently adhere to is victory Guizaijianchi.
↘ cherry ♀2010-01-31 03:07:37 +0000 #3
once I was super sad

ah sure to eat before running like a 800-meter run in the morning, eat breakfast, fed and fed some of the

If you can not run a lot of people who fall into the very back and in front of a pile of widen the gap between people in a group of people willing to have close watch on the last face in front of her as a person to have the opportunity to target more than to go

hey how do I say Guizaijianchi tired to relax ah

F, the main fuel
Dong source2010-01-31 04:19:17 +0000 #4
start to pay slow breathing, etc. Soon after, then slowly afterburner. "finish, after a vomiting", most of them started a Paodetaikuai. Otherwise, 800M, 1000M, 1500M longer distances, ran, it should be just tired or tired. You can first try, using the 200M or 400M distance jogging warm-up (more slowly run more slowly), etc., when you think you have to buildup, they can participate in tournaments.
Takamatsu Ultra2010-01-31 04:11:39 +0000 #5
smoke cut down Every day should adhere to long-distance running, running more and more people want to massage the legs, big steps, we should pay attention to action, very luxurious and have time to look at pictures of people on the game OK.



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