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800-meter long-distance! !

605,575,8762010-01-31 04:01:39 +0000 #1
I am a student who started primary school when the teacher was not how we do today, ran a simulation test this a semester school has also organized long-distance physical education and training should be more familiar times and the 800-meter run, but often I have a test today is the simulation the beginning is not a quick cross-step frequency can lead to the second lap on the Buxing Le breathing began to catch up with did not say actually dizzy! Wanted to uphold the finish but a dizzy let me finish the thought really scared out how to do one thing I know is called extreme dizziness, but I do not know will just want to ask what would happen if the will finish, will by virtue accident ah? !
foolish 0 Bubble 02010-01-31 04:04:04 +0000 #2
I have two days of the girls just ran 800 meters, according to their own personal experience to tell you, do not know if there is no effective (Anyway, I think effective) the first run, warm-up exercise did not How long starts Mile, non-stop breathing, but also in winter, cold air to stimulate the lungs get hurt, so I absolutely can not high-frequency shallow breathing, the results I ran the 250 meters will not work啦. Second, the first full campaign, and this thought exercise after physical exertion but Paobu Dong, in fact, some of the movement a little intense (we had 1 minute rope skipping Xiankao that I run), but do not too tired, over what you will legs feel hot, feeling good, so the leg muscles on the event opened, a few minutes to start the run. Running time of conscious deep breathing, even if the lung Biede uncomfortable, but also a long breath and then slowly, I threw up and deliberately than usual, even breathing was deep, though be some tightness, but at least not less lung pain, nor will cough asthma. In addition, it is best to heel touch the ground or whole feet touch the ground, so run up, there are some rhythm, so that her body was light, do not heavily step by step, stamp your foot on the ground (of course, there is no way too tired, it is best to do so), This would not have foot pain that can sustain you finish, of the specific principles I do not know, anyway, and effective on the list. Also, the best to steady running, the first lap a little faster, but do not sleepwalk to follow other people mad rush, even if the first lap the last one it does not matter, do not worry, anyway, the second lap they were tired, defeated, you have the chance, of course, ah, physical good may be appropriately widen the gap (that is able to finish the course Caixing). I first ran the last lap to later, or that speed, the results look at those people knocking back a month to go, happy to die, I, I finally ran second acridine our group (the first long-distance running in practice). Oh, that is so, anyway, I went to 650 meters when tired of not, at this time we must strong-willed啦. Eventually, hundreds of meters is very tough, But, will finish no problem. Keep in mind, adhere to is to win!
397,900,5582010-01-31 04:41:00 +0000 #3
kick into gear will not be run by virtue of not so strong I remember to run before the warm-up bar before the start of jumping will be better known as the beginning point of

a catch up the last virtue I believe you will run down the line the limit is not so good broken



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