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Knee pain after the race also is not unusual! What illness?

xulinzi06262010-01-31 04:01:52 +0000 #1
I am a school sports team girls! About training for 2 months my little leg and knee began to ache!

And time is a little bit longer! Calf pain in our team people who have such experiences! But they have not hurt his knee!

I was the only one hurt! I am afraid we might be a child fell to the! Excitation only now come out!

And both the knee or lower leg are all cyclical! Sometimes pain is not hurt!

And not just training, it hurt! When walking, also hurts! But not very powerful!

Both the pain is not normal? Should not be left behind, right?
xiao lengthy small2010-01-31 04:12:00 +0000 #2
I have two suggestions:

First, it may be a knee soft tissue injury, it is best to the hospital to check Oh, do not be a MRI to see how much money to check on the rest assured that , and I just do not check the injury suffered was serious.

Second, if you are high school students, it is still growing period of physical pain but also on the normal calcium.

Personal proposed strategy, I wish you good health and you Hehe
QQ14109942292010-01-31 04:30:49 +0000 #3
joints is connected to the local bone and bone, joint by the joint capsule, articular surface and joint cavity composition. The human body has been able to live

move freely, that is because the relevant section of the structure, most of the joints, not only the need to provide human activities, and by Soft-bone to avoid wear and tear to protect the bones, cartilage, of which between 65% and 80% of water formed, the other there are glycoproteins, collagen eggs

white and cartilage cells, and these offer the protection of cartilage and functions of healthy nutrition. Cartilage itself is a porous structure, collagen eggs

White is a network of thin fibers formed by sets glycoprotein is a sphere with a flexible, water is filling one of these

form must be complete before we can make cartilage load of gravity, If fewer collagen will lead to sugar, protein and collagen network connections

set of relaxation, or reducing sugar, protein inclusions will make GP no longer has flexibility, can lead to stress on the joints when the

easy to speed up the wear and tear, adult The cartilage tissue is not blood vessels or nerves, so, after degradation of cartilage damage on their own limited capacity to repair


Joint disease of the self-diagnosis:

the first three steps: 1, for a workout pain; 2, there is pressure pain; 3, fatigue and pain

after the three steps: 1, persistent pain; two in the evening pain; 3, muscle pain

In addition, there are typically accompanied by symptoms, such as: 1, Sports constraints; 2, joint issued a "Titicaca" sound; 3,

weather-sensitive and joint problems, etc.

-induced factors:

1, age / aging: age over 45 years of age, high incidence of arthritis. Age, growth, the gradual wear of articular cartilage break

bad, bone can be exposed. Causing friction and inflammation of the joints pain. The absorption and synthesis of joint tissue repair mechanisms to lose

balance, resulting in osteophyte production. It is estimated that by 2025 the world will be more than 800 million patients with arthritis population,

second only to cardiovascular-related diseases. There are about 150 million patients with arthritis. With an aging population, the number of patients would be

continue to increase.

55 over the age of the crowd:

* 1 / 4 of the human knee joint pain for nearly a month every year

* 50% of X-ray symptoms

* 50% of the movement difficult (estimated in 2020 will increase by 66%)

* 1.6% of disability

2, Gender: Female susceptible to arthritis than men

3, genetic defects: cartilage collagen gene defects leading to cartilage degradation,

4, physical activities: labor or excessive movement caused by joint injury; knee tendon or meniscus injury may be lead to arthritis of the knee;

repeated use of certain joints can cause arthritis.

A variety of campaigns have resulted in the incidence of arthritis:

* Nearly half of retired football players have toes arthritis

* 48% of the high jump athletes and 85% of the ballet dancers had ankle arthritis

* In a report, 100% The football players and 90% of the lifters are early symptoms of arthritis

* 100% of javelin thrower and 90% of gymnasts and divers have lumbar spine problems

* field events athletes (such as shot put, etc.) and basketball players often have shoulder question

* 90% of the weightlifting athletes and boxers javelin thrower problems will appear in the elbow

* research shows that the daily hiking, running, cycling, playing badminton, down the stairs to the joints caused by sports such as would not

with the degree of wear and tear, hurt

5, weight / obesity: middle-aged weight gain weight easily cause knee arthritis

6, Food / nutrition: Food in the absence of certain ingredients

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, has not yet been any methods be able to cure osteoarthritis, is currently the treatment of joint disease

disease mainly in the following several ways:

* Surgical treatment: replacement of artificial joints, all the joints that are metal and plastic, the high cost of failure disability

may be .

* Drug therapy: drug therapy can reduce symptoms, not prevent the development of osteoarthritis, are yet to be able to

completely radical osteoarthritis drugs. Although most drugs from the surface to lift or to alleviate pain in patients with osteoarthritis

bitter, but in fact is even more promoted the degradation of articular cartilage and degradation. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and only

pain drugs have serious side effects, recent studies have shown that due to the use of coxibs leads to death or toxicological impact of those affected by the United States alone

up to 14 million people in nearly as many.

* Nutritional Therapy: Nutritional therapy is a natural cartilage protective agents through slow cartilage degradation and to promote tissue repair cartilage re

plastic, is to protect and maintain healthy joints the best way. The mechanism is through complement can promote synthesis of cartilage cells in re

group of substances (such as collagen, glucosamine, transparent quality, chondroitin sulfate, vitamins, mineral elements, etc.)

inhibit cartilage degradation enzymes; strengthen and improve the cartilage nutrition supply; anti-inflammatory pain.

USA Murray State University research indicates that collagen + glucosamine + chondroitin sulfate, the treatment of bone off

Festival inflammation is found that the efficiency of the three combination therapy significantly improved remission rate was used alone +

Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate 2 times.

Run-bone gold, is all-natural joint protective agent, is the use of modern bio-engineering patented technology will be high-quality, non-polluting the sea

ocean organisms and animals break down cartilage derived small molecule, a compound easily absorbed nutrients , its natural into

copies (collagen, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, sugar, protein, etc.) and human cartilage tissue are similar,

has a nourishing and lubricating joints to the role of cervical diseases such as arthritis and bone and joint diseases the role of a good adjuvant therapy, there are

effective prevention and reduction of sports injuries, promote joint and soft tissue injuries to restore function, accelerate the elimination of exercise-induced fatigue, and non-toxic

sex, no side effects, has passed the Olympic doping tests, that has been is a professional athlete's secret weapon, in recent years

to the general population is moving toward.
Purple mythology2010-01-31 05:17:07 +0000 #4
I also like this, every time is running, although no matter the pain, then Ren Ren will have elapsed
BBOY_FUU2010-01-31 05:55:09 +0000 #5
is very simple, Louzhu your calcium deficiency, calcium supplement point bar.

I used the activities of calcium deficiency in the knee will be sore, then calcium, and also enough.



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