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Rescue - the sprint and long-distance running expert please help me!! !

Believe they refuel Bar2010-01-31 04:02:11 +0000 #1
I'm in high school, primary Zengyin sprint and long jump in track and field team selected an excellent and, when Hou my short hair, raise their hands like a boy among cephalopods, very agile feeling. Although Stamina No, but the speed is known as the absolute . junior high school did not continue training, high school, regret, and they are seeking coaches let me into the school team, I do not know the status of what the teacher said that he what a great history. now think of it is too ashamed of having a training I realized that emerge on its own a lot less, and then the other coaches no interest in me, this is the only coach Believe me, yes, I already became one of his gambling, but I lost him, he is disappointed that the illusion is now almost to despair. to see the expression of his wry smile I'm really sorry for her.

I am now the status quo; speed can also be, power is strong, but the endurance is poor, hard to breathe when you run long-distance running big mouth breathing always want to give up. but also to the dash when the arm deformation force enough. I can not find the original sense of the kind of agile, and now I felt quite weak and there is no strength, and excessively bureaucratic, (do not know is not due to long-haired Why?) I will now attend a day school, from home to school about 10 minutes ( ride), if I ran to school every day is not conducive to improving endurance it? Also, I would like to how to strengthen the power I have to do? lack of sleep during the day would affect my training? I sleep a day is probably less than others 2 hours, is not influential?

To be honest, I hate myself now, with a weak girl like, although I was a girl, but I need the momentum ah boys, I do not know why himself into such a ... ...

want to be able to help me understand! really most grateful! ! !

Yu-chi-bo 01 Ferret2010-01-31 04:09:39 +0000 #2
First, you endurance is poor, you should first find out what they like in your Paobu Dong, you have to meditation, if I like the air, in my Paobu Dong , I will silently: In order to air! In order to air! The body will have power, on the eyes closed forging ahead.

Second, you want momentum, you will see some intense animation, such as Naruto, One Piece, you slowly become back.



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