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How CF triple jump ah? ? ?

Desolate ye2010-01-31 05:01:38 +0000 #1

☆ know Star ☆2010-01-31 05:07:41 +0000 #2
CF (cross fire through FireWire) It is a gun battle Tencent online games, while the ghost dance (also known as Li Guo-hop) is a CF in a unique ghost mode kinds of play Ghost (latent persons) players in the game found.

ghost-hop approach is to first hold down the ctrl key (squat), then press the space bar jump, press the space bar at the same time, according to Next → or ← or ↑ or ↓ to control the direction of cutting is not the role of the existing

it is stealth action, attack players who play defense.

ghost-hop sub-three generations:

【generation】: Hold down the Ctrl Bu Songshou, press s followed by a space after the space, at the same time release s, at the landing moment and then a space, and then immediately after the s, and then is repeated after the jump after jump after jump. . . Hold down the Ctrl always remember not to loose,

s according to the length of time after the decision to jump on your second-generation distance

【】: The first step: by the former (W) The second step: jump (space) Third Step: Backward switch to Step four: Press after the (S) Step Five: Hold down the squat (CTRL) (three, four, five-step) sixth consecutive steps: In the floor space at the same time click the jump

7th step: landing at the same time and then a space is to repeat the steps and then jump three generations

【】: Hold down the ctrl + shift key (hold not been let go) in holding down the ctrl + shift keys at the same time, hold down the space (jump button) and the arrow keys (two keys are pressed together at the same time release) repeated operation, that is, the ice dancing spirit. Note:

1.ctrl + shift keys do not always press release, the space and direction of the keys is also necessary to hold down at the same time release, if not at the same time, there may not be a stealth.

Practitioners need to continue to practice, to enhance motor coordination, flexibility, so that the same time, according to the same time, loose



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