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Breath and voice to sing with the problem

o Ji o2010-01-31 06:01:28 +0000 #1
I love to sing. But have not received formal training. Singing a good move. Now self. Practicing the tricks of the voice can not find. Breath control can be. Such as abdominal type breathing. Fa si breath sounds to maintain more than 20 seconds. But a voice in relation to serious leaks. Will the breath and the sound kind of tie should be made between how can we ensure that no leakage. Thank you for the.
Volume Guo Danpi2010-01-31 06:06:19 +0000 #2
relax as much as possible and relax.

You may like this: Do not shrug when the suction.

Singing before all the air slowly spit clean, immediately open singing (apart from the lower abdomen to relax the body, you can hand akimbo, holds all the lower abdomen)

finally be foot Hing Wah Street West to help the luck.

I wish you every success -



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