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How to run 800 meters will remain at 3 minutes and 50

Angel Street, 23 Lynn2010-01-31 08:01:09 +0000 #1
The last time I跑跑4 minutes 22


pass picked up three points and today only 2 days

how to run 800 meters is not bad air still remained at 3 minutes and 50 before the

I very good

the former 200-meter sprint race the whole class of girls 2nd

help him
a471726742010-01-31 08:08:26 +0000 #2
Xianchun manual
♀ looks pretty ♀2010-01-31 08:13:09 +0000 #3
800 Mi skills

a pre Note:

1. Competition 30 minutes before drinking water, some high concentrations of glucose (Glucose is a simple sugar can be quickly digested and absorbed directly into the muscle), do not drink other beverages, thirsty to drink white water, within 30 minutes before the game not to eat any food. Remember! !

2. Race day must not eat chocolate and other sweets, eating game voice would be tacky.

3. Understand the adversary situation. Whose high level, whose performance is good, be aware of. Secondly, their own fully prepared. Prepare a comfortable sportswear, bearing in mind can not wear new shoes, easy to wear foot.

2 warming-up

1. The first micro-jog sweat can.

2. Done stretching, pressure waist, twist, stretch shoulder and other activities, will be related to joints, ligaments, muscles activity to open.

3. Do 2,3 30-meter buildup.

The above 20 minutes before the race finish.

A later time

1. On the runway and do a few in-situ of the vertical jump, improve the look excited.

2. This time to pay attention to maintaining body temperature, do not let the body cool down.

3 game to 1. Mouth and nose while breathing, the tongue top palate, so that air from the tongue on both sides of the adoption can be moist air, but also to avoid the cold air blowing straight voice.

2.800 meters from the outset, must be taken to a higher speed, but it ran too fast to the back without effort, and so you have people in the village to preserve its strength to the finish, so according to their own strength, begin to exert their own about 80%. This will enable you to improve the speed as early as 1:00 into the anaerobic respiration of the state, to enter upon the state of anaerobic respiration must be tenacious willpower to stick to, by strengthening the arm to break the pole. However, this must have a very good quality can be a very good use. Attention must be paid at a higher speed, then to the rear half of the dash is accumulated by normal physical training, support, and general to the final 200 meters is no longer any strength, in the process of running power to make you put in the foot and the neck is to accelerate the speed can not give you, in the process of running in particular the emergence of poles and the dash when you have to clench their teeth and stick your arm to enhance the amplitude and frequency, speed up your pace on the natural arm up, and That is why I repeatedly stressed the arm causes. In the running process kinds must be relaxed, in particular, referring to the next turn-off technology, the corners to the inside of the body center of gravity slightly increase the pace can be.

1 4 Other matters. Upper body posture and arm movements

upper body slightly forward or integrity to maintain position. Head and body naturally maintain a straight line, micro-abdomen, hip, facial and neck muscles relaxed. The swing arms also act as step length and stride frequency regulating role, to the exchange of quick legs, his arms have to swing fast; swing in the interest of the shoulder joint axis, elbow power to do before and after the hair a natural swing. Arm must be relaxed.

2. Foot movements,

feet touch the ground prior to the swinging leg under the thigh, a positive pressure, homeopathic natural leg swing before and after the swing at the same time be "pawing" action landing. The application of heel, then rolling over to the whole soles of the feet touch the ground. Feet touch the ground, it should be promptly bent ankles, knees and hips bent to complete the buffer action. Straight after the full tread.

3. Respiration

guaranteed breathing rhythm, three-step one-step smoking a call, use the nose suction Zuiba breath, we should take inspiration mainly to gas exchange, each respiratory cycle must be fully to breath in order to ensure the required amount of suction.

Run before you can listen to music, relax under, stand on the runway, psychological stress, if you can, shouting. Running time must be to relax, run the process of hand-holding should be half-empty, do not grip very tight fist and do not clench teeth into his neck stretched very tight, so you will only scattered power distribution,

4. break their own limits

middle-distance race, due to the supply of oxygen to the body behind the need to go a certain distance, there will be chest hair nausea, breathing rhythm is damaged, breathing difficulties, limb weakness and difficult to run again feelings go. This phenomenon is called pole. "This is a middle-distance in a normal phenomenon. When the" pole "appears, we should take a strong will to continue to run down, while strengthening breathing, adjust the pace. So, after some distance, the breathing becomes uniform, action, again I felt very relaxed, all discomfort disappeared, this is the so-called state of the second breath.

before the game, in accordance with the above method more practice several times, slowly mastered enough.



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