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Sprint to the flexible requirements high?

Ultimate Rye2010-01-31 08:01:34 +0000 #1

guggu eccentric ORZ2010-01-31 08:12:21 +0000 #2
In the sprint of "flexibility" of the requirements of this concept is very vague, because it will not be very deliberate to exercise it (sprinters do not train all day like the next fork ), the reason that it was important because it and your body coordination are complementary, and it affects your movement is stretch and relaxed.

Of course it may in training will be your coach that you move too hard, it is often not flexible in nature, is running habits and movements understand the problem.

Flexibility and pace of the relationship is not, at least at high levels did not reach the high case. In the hair under the premise of the right strength, pace will naturally increase. The actual pace would certainly rise up the power, or else did not go to deliberately mention stride, as mentioned stride, stride frequency on down. Usually seen running too tight to technical Mai Bukai legs should be held up.

Sorry, bad state of mind today was a mess and did not put a little structured, you can read to become.
zhaobin6932010-01-31 08:11:07 +0000 #3
sprint team is still very high requirements of flexibility, you do require every movement of each part of your body every position could have been the most scientific position to do, and for your flexibility is very high requirements, you will know experienced natural



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