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Track and field 100 meters, single recruit school! High score! !

Aa2838415862010-01-31 09:01:35 +0000 #1
I 2010 Sports Health 172CM school track and field team, 67 kg, 100 meters high 2:00 Tabakari 10 seconds 85, but 8 months ago sprained foot, has been a break of 6 months to resume training. Is now 100 meters Tabakari 11 seconds 2, there are about 4 months on the sport a single stroke, and with 2-month winter training period can be restored to its previous state or to do than ever before! ! Now is not the training system, are often themselves practicing, hope you give me a sub-Gaoren training program. Also please tell me what the normal school newspaper is better grasp higher. I culture results will not be too bad. To 4 months have the opportunity to focus on Normal University, admitted to do /

question to add: I would like to single strokes do Central China Normal University, there is hope. ?
123,731,0132010-01-31 09:05:23 +0000 #2
first to identify a full resumption of the foot, again training: 6 months body weight should be a lot of weight before weight loss bar. 2 months time, I propose to use 1 month to enhance the strength exercises - waist - lower limb - upper limbs, using mountain-type method - from low to high, then reductions. To 25 days when the amount of the highest level for 30 days. If the general endurance, strength endurance 400M after being run 10 - 15 group. Forces must pull ligaments practicing good! ! ! If endurance is also OK to add 60M - 200M. Fortunately, you put the power of practice that the result plus 5 - 10 days. Lower back muscle suggested backstays - backed by the horizontal bar up and down stays, this would strengthen psoas muscle strength and also the abdominal exercises such as stomach, buttocks, arch supports do body exercises. Quick bounce barbell full squat lower extremity exercises, upper extremity lying on the training and push jerk. 2 days waist, 1 day lower limbs, upper limbs 1 day. Lower extremity exercises plus run, 60 200, or 400M themselves to take hold. The proposed power with 35-40 days time. Next, adjust the 2 - 3 days, after practicing your professional bar.

As to what school I can not help you,
Athletics are2010-01-31 09:11:26 +0000 #3
certainly can. . . As long as you work hard. . . Estimated winter training can go out if you two can 10.6-7 good training. . . Weeks 1 and 5 to relax playing baseball. . . More than two跑跑30603 and 6 doing the strength of four to run the amount of such 3 300 the first two control points along the edge following the last Sunday to run the special if the status is not good to run the amount of 8 200 to relax a little like running
a highest good is like i2010-01-31 10:07:10 +0000 #4
running speed is important but I think the contempt of all the confidence is more important.

Weight loss is not a good idea, is running for the runner can lose weight, if it was intended to go to lose weight, I am sure you will bear a lot of backfire, running itself is a consumption of physical movement, you go to lose weight! ! !

First make sure you have good, and then do some basic training and recovery training, not too ambitious, start strength training, so it would have to do it again will be injured.

Sooner or later, running, leapfrog, pulling ligaments, it is best let ligament growth, rather than pull.




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