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Rapidly improve shot performance

God Tc kids dancing2010-01-31 10:02:09 +0000 #1
help out in 4-month period 5KG performance shot up to 16 meters, there are possible? I am now 11 meters next year in March to test two players, know how best to add the program! Gui Xie, I data (height 185, weight 160 pounds, bench press 80 pounds, squat 140 pounds)
SVD1112010-01-31 10:17:57 +0000 #2
impossible, I was practicing the shot

I bench press 100 kg

deep squat 200 kg

I am now two players

too bad for your achievements, your strength is too small

If you have an effort, less than two years can be admitted to two players

shot is not as simple as you think

four months if you are training every day, it should be able to 11 meters (7.26KG)

2 than 12.5 meters
qq10538962602010-01-31 10:34:15 +0000 #3
shot put movement is part of campaign lasted a short time, highly technical, to absolute power as the basis, speed as the core, power demanding sport. Their performance depends primarily on shotput shot speed and angle of the shot.

Grip the ball technology (1) five fingers open sub-ball position - fingers separately - min

(2), posted three pointing the root ball - posted refers to the root ball - the root

(3) The size of the thumb Fu the ball side - refers to the ball side of Rotary - Rotary

(4) the ball home at the neck clavicle - the ball home and neck - neck

(5) ball below the shoulder and elbow - elbow below the shoulder -- - Low

(6) Non-investment arm of natural uplift - Nature on the move - move

1, shooting method of practice (in the right hand as an example)

(a) students are open to the throwing area on two legs, right hand Anti-grip bottles of mineral water right shoulder, neck, bottle mounted 2 / 3 sand, the thumb pad in the bottom of the bottle, knees, and then pedal, the cantilevers, buckle wrist, call refers to its introduction to require the bottle upright in the air like flying into the . Main experience on the order and the right lower limb force push, dial action.

(2) the student opened his legs, his right hand holding medicine ball (or shot) on the right shoulder, neck, left Fu ball, and then perpendicular to the ball quickly into the ground (drop in). Demand the ball between the legs slightly at the pick-up points before the Office, the main experience of feeling the muscles fast shot.

(C) (ii), based on the upper body and knees right after the turn, then, rapid tread, the swivel, chest, cantilevers, stripping refers to the ball vertically into the ground. Requirements force the order is correct, coherent and non-stop action. Main Experience pedal to switch quickly, overhanging top shoulder quickly, call the ball fast three quick moves.

2, shooting angle Practice

(a), together with their peers to do pedal, turn, stretch, carrying the body of free-hand to imitate practice. Imitator fully prepared to push the shot-put position, peer to seize his right hand in his back (from fixation), imitators repeatedly tread lift switch to stretch body exercises and requirements heel, frog simultaneously hip. Understand the coordination of the main body force.

(B) fully prepared to stand up position on the lateral wall, frog stretch turn hips, lifting body, the top shoulder not overhanging the use of pedal, turn, lift, top pops up the speed of the ball. Requirements, lower limb coordination, frog, turn, quite, carry, followed by the top force. Is mainly to solve the students to focus only on upper cervical vertebrae, rather than force the issue of lower limb.

(C) of the throwing area at a distance of 5 to 8 meters, set up a parallel to the throwing circle to extend the line, the rubber band around 2.5 m high, practitioners with complete technical rubber band ball pushed to require pushing the ball show an increase when the body angle shot.



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