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How to improve the standing long jump

Order of the Dragon2010-01-31 11:01:58 +0000 #1
Standing long jump, when I was 13 years old is 2.4,14 at the age of 2.6 meters, 2.8 meters at the age of 15, one leg can also be over 2 meters, and now 18 years old, and I jumped first, how less than 3 meters ah? Is it my three years, apart from sitting on a desk study, that is, sitting at a computer table the sake of playing games, so my standing long jump marking time ah? To how training can improve the standing long jump? I want to challenge our province, records, world records on the leave alone, and 3.47 meters, the gap a little farther, I want to how training? Today, I had 30 yesterday, leapfrogging today's leg is acid incredible ah. Take off your shoes height 1.73CM, static body weight 126KG, I was not too short it? I can not go after one year training in Zhejiang have ruined the standing long jump record ah?
super handsome guy in Costa Rica2010-01-31 11:10:33 +0000 #2
leapfrog, according to a daily physical jump several groups, each jump a few, to decide.

Sit-ups, practice methods ibid.

One leg jump, so the average practice. Or the emphasis on the non-center of gravity leg (non-center of gravity weaker leg muscles).

Rope skipping, multi-practice pairs of rocking.

Or to the gym, targeted training related to muscular legs look.

Try it, I wish you to break the provincial record. To maintain body weight, can not be increased by



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