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What training methods perseverance

flas862010-01-31 11:02:05 +0000 #1
what to do are good freshness, and have a think about it no mind.
Yuanfentiankong 07212010-01-31 11:07:55 +0000 #2
First of all I think you have adhere to the idea of exercise is very good, in order to exercise has become a daily need for their own courses, it is time to test your determination, and exercise a lot of ways and means of , such as playing the badminton (can also be a full row of )······ basket can also be aerobic exercise such as jogging.
wenf20102010-01-31 11:38:50 +0000 #3
1. shopping

2. shopping

3. swim

4. Dazhuo Qiu

4 kinds of the above, can be easily persistent
deciduous e shaking conditions2010-01-31 12:00:50 +0000 #4
Lut a few persist in the arm every day
Congcong know2010-01-31 11:21:06 +0000 #5
From a psychological point of view should be to find someone to monitor and post-punishment in violation. But it is for the average person a kind of psychological barrier, reluctant to allow others to monitor. Refueling bar -



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