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Practicing running at home

460,715,7532010-01-31 14:01:47 +0000 #1
how to practice at home and running, so that they can run faster, increase lung capacity.
cainiao552010-01-31 14:04:35 +0000 #2
increase lung capacity is better

you are jogging in situ run on the list

just like on a treadmill as Well

a specified time are generally more than half an hour
a cup of tea-hing,2010-01-31 14:45:32 +0000 #3
1, running is a kind of systemic movement, which enables the body's muscles rhythmic contraction and relaxation, so that an increase in muscle fiber, protein content increased. Fit and muscular is one of the symbols. Second, bone is the body of the stent, human activities leverage. In a period of growth and development of young people, adhere to running can improve blood circulation, increase the supply of nutrients in bone cells increase bone cell growth, thereby promoting the normal development of bones. The elderly, reduced metabolism, muscle gradually shrink, and bones appeared degenerative changes, bone and joint disease is also increasing. Persist in running can enhance metabolism, delayed bone degeneration, prevention of bone and joint disease in the elderly occur, so that you slow down aging. Third, the heart is the body's total blood supply hub, the driving force of life. Uphold for a long run, make your heart sturdy, protein and myoglobin increased. In the x-ray may be clear that the athlete's heart than the general people's congress, plump appearance, a strong pulse. The general capacity of blood to the heart of 765-785 ml, while those who insist on proper training capacity of up to 1015-1027 ml of blood, heart rate comparable to normal slow down 10-20 times / min, this work is the heart of reducing a burden. On the other hand, running can enhance the tolerance of the heart, we all know, most people when the heart rate over 100 beats / time-sharing, they will feel dizziness, palpitation, asthma; and long-term running man, tolerable to 150 beats / min. Fourth, the activities of human life is inseparable from a moment of oxygen, inhaled fresh oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Measure of respiratory function is the important indicator of the health of vital capacity and maximum voluntary ventilation. Running can make well-developed respiratory muscles, vital capacity increase by 1-2 liters of trained athletes, maximal oxygen uptake can be increased 33-60% than the common people. 5, running can make that increased gastrointestinal motility, secretion of digestive juice increased, improved digestion and absorption capacity, which increases appetite, supplementary nutrition, a strong physique. 6, running for women, helps to regulate menstruation, reduce the gynecological diseases. U.S. obstetrician-Xiang Ge, Kai-Tak on the New York City Marathon in 1979, long-distance 394 female athletes of the menstrual cycle, conducted a survey and found that 26% of menstrual disorders in women to return to a normal cycle, amenorrhea, 17% of women resumed menstruation. This is because running increases metabolism, promotes digestion and absorption, regulation of nervous system function, improved endocrine function. 7, running to temper the human will and perseverance, tenacity and patience to enhance and improve sensitivity, to promote environmental adaptability. Long-standing movement, the completion of quantitative work has three main characteristics: First, act quickly; second is a huge potential to reach their fullest potential to complete the task of the function; third, quick recovery, fatigue is also completely eliminate fast and can quickly return to quiet level.
Mei Yang Yang x2010-01-31 15:16:17 +0000 #4
at home the first in-situ running, trying to make his own footsteps across bigger, and then went downstairs to practice a practicing
Cool When the basketball xdz2010-01-31 15:21:42 +0000 #5
First of all I should introduce myself, I was in Tianjin Institute of Physical Education, and then I would like to say to you, running out of the general progress of practice will not be great, my high school, ran 11 seconds 6, entrance I ran 11 seconds, 13, I practiced for three years. This is my own personal experience, the most direct way to increase lung capacity, according to our instructors to teach us, on the stairs, running stairs, it is best way to enhance lung capacity, more than anything useful. Finally I wish good!



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