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How to train a long distance in a short

jianfanchuan2010-04-24 13:12:33 +0000 #1
Sports from the test only a month --- --- brothers and sisters help out there any tips on feeling every time I went to half the limit to the how fast you want to run all run faster
brendan19432010-04-24 13:19:18 +0000 #2
impossible not to hard. Month more than enough, if you have enough willpower strictly enforced, it is absolutely outstanding performance.

1, run no more than 2 layers clothing to cotton. Best running shoes with air cushion, soft.

2, practice running time 1 ½ hours after dinner is best, at least 1 hour. Before the race eat sweets in chocolate the best. You dizzy because of movement due to low blood sugar. 3, before the race must do some basic warm-up exercise, stretching ligaments, to avoid injury. 4, endurance training time 25 days. Daily green belt along the road to practice long-distance running, running in the sidewalk or bicycle trail. This forced exercise your stamina, you will not run in the playground tired and quit half-way, must go to designated locations and return home the way it is fatigue can slow down, but do not stop. Distance of 3 km - 3 km or so. 5, power training for 5 days (conditional can practice anytime, anywhere). After endurance training in front of your dizziness and leg Ma will disappear, lung capacity increases. You obviously feel finish with a pass rate of 800 meters is very relaxed. The training for explosive power, and because of the distance of 800 meters, 250 meters in the last lap of the sprint will get good results. Training method, you run the fastest speed achieved by a distance not less than 60 meters away. Rapid breathing unbearable went up. Exercise 6 times a day.

6, definitely get good grades
buddhason2010-04-24 13:28:30 +0000 #3
real answer, long-distance race itself is a gradual process, this is my own as a five-year middle distance runner's personal experience, but also as a physical project, and no skills, It needs time, so as you go for half the breath catch up with the pace, only this time you have to do two things: first, many take a deep breath (inhale more oxygen to promote blood circulation) plus placed second arm (better bring the body and legs) is the confidence and courage finally rose to the challenge, I would like to have your own look forward to goals! Cheers!



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