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I am 15 years old 171cm, 200 米 30 Miaosuan slow? I can run free a lot worse than standing jump, ho

5193821692010-04-24 15:11:20 +0000 #1

magic war 212010-04-24 15:25:26 +0000 #2
15 years old 200 meters of this result is very good, and I was about 28 seconds! There are many ways to improve jumping ability is also very hard, leapfrogging is a very good choice, 30 meters for five times each day group, then the situation according to their own set higher, Hai You often La ligaments, improve physical co-ordination Xing! Finally I wish you could dunk it!
Qqwen778962010-04-24 15:22:26 +0000 #3
Change dragonfly larvae2010-04-24 16:12:55 +0000 #4
not slow, I see normal!



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