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Solid ball and sit-ups

Liu Chunxin2010-04-25 01:10:48 +0000 #1
sports exam soon, but reported that items have not decided yet Well, my sit-ups a minute at most 30, more than half a meter short of solid ball, body Well, middle, last by instructor, a 10 cm solid ball well, look on the Internet, says a good newspaper sit-ups, sit-ups if the report does not regulate how to do? Geigejianyi it ..........
wushibin3122010-04-25 01:18:08 +0000 #2
you can stand up and squat exercises abdominal exercises, done after every practice and about 18 sit-ups, to test is that you will be able to do. I was the result of such a practice I did 48, class I, including only 7 individuals qualified! ! Believe me! ! Solid ball and the angle of the main use of inertia, mainly when the explosive was shot and a good sense of perspective, mainly by training the strength of the wrist is the push-ups and chin-up! ! More training will be successful! !



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