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How to increase speed of 50 meters -

Jun Lin Cheng2010-04-25 06:30:35 +0000 #1

Wisdom 7282010-04-25 06:39:44 +0000 #2
I used to test the time was practicing every night before bed! Practice sprint! So stick with it after 2 months certainly can do it! You may wish to try -
cxtcbs2010-04-25 06:54:14 +0000 #3
50 米 so short, to the explosive force

... ...

night and day to do weight-bearing Dunqi, leapfrog ... ...
lost love and not come back2010-04-25 06:45:25 +0000 #4
main test your explosive, explosive not so good practice, the speed is more difficult to put up
flash の teeth2010-04-25 07:33:14 +0000 #5
load, squat this is very important, there is more sprint training, each training session to practice to the acid until the best arrangement and exercise, or injuries to the very trouble. Is to train junior high school when I sprint, good effects that result.



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