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What is the power relay does?

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speed strength stamina

from the origin can be seen that:

a kind of argument is transported by the African black wood relay evolved. Africans in the dense forests after timber harvesting, road rugged, transportation difficulties, the use of a relay approach. Handling process, the speed of play with each other to see who is moving fast, multi-transport.

Another way of saying yes in the seventeenth century, the Portuguese warship to go out, play sailors ashore and found that local residents come together for an interesting game. Participants divided into groups of four people, each one of them holding an empty altar the game starts, holding an empty altar promptly ran 50 meters of water outside the altar, pour the water were empty altar, and then took the empty altar ran back to the second person in this group. So on ad infinitum, until the whole group finish the first to finish wins. Portuguese sailors would be into this game in Europe, and make changes to the stick instead of an empty altar, and soon became one of the activities in schools, and later turned into a track and field in the relay.
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speed strength stamina



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