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Baoji University of Arts and Physical Education Division link how to do? Gemini_daisy2010-04-23 20:12
PE teacher embarrassed me, and deliberately linked to me, hanging branches, to how to do? Make-up? R
When running his mouth in the end should be open or shut? And why, after each run are then throat pa 950aaa2010-04-23 20:12
Have not taught standing long jump video ah the pear2010-04-23 20:12
I was only a meter long jump and landing time is cumbersome. . . . How do ah
Seeking information about athletics and hurdles, up to 50 characters, urgent! Vivi pig PIG2010-04-23 20:11
Physical education jobs, who help him! Thank you!
Short distance of what kind of car suits ghost 1 Sword2010-04-23 19:11
Tangshan city to work in the open house 10 km away from the factory, Tangshan to work o'clock traffi
On the standing long jump angelLOVE__2010-04-23 19:11
I belong to the kind of impossible to escape. Anyway arm, how hard, do not go out like a bomb from s
How to improve the performance rope zcywjj20072010-04-23 19:11
rope skipping in the test to test, to 180, the current level of only 120 or so, I - -.. what time
Magic Flame orangutan physical limits of how many 84513322010-04-23 17:11
How much is the magic flame maximum strength
Why do not the Chinese so much fat at all levels of Sports Shot and Discus weightlifting when athlet Art Centre of the International Department2010-04-23 16:10
China so much why do not fat at all levels of Sports Shot and Discus weightlifting when players like
Buy a bike to buy electric cars good or better Love Jacky wind2010-04-23 14:10
I work about five kilometers, to buy a Giant's car, but family members say let me buy electric cars,
High school sports and health testing. . Is 1000 meters and so on. . Measured once a semester or a y Hannahmontana12010-04-23 14:10
Open tea party. I do not want to sing, what to say nice and would refuse to sing? ? ? Chu Yeh2010-04-23 13:11
Jiji Ji! How to practice running 200 meters 6178246962010-04-23 11:10
My second year, next year in the exam, this term should also test sports. I have every semester beca
How to get to the Purple Bamboo from Wudaokou what car blackbox4252010-04-23 11:10
100-meter dash and 11 seconds I can grow to 54 a number of Winter Well qq6101227622010-04-23 07:12
Exercises to improve ear sound hao8863002010-04-22 16:12
I want to improve sound ear to singing is not even out of tune
Kevin Martin's analysis of the act of shooting, who? Sccater2010-04-22 15:10
B two practice sprints, running a 7 meters per second, B run 6.5 meters per second. If the A to B Xi I am much stronger than you2010-04-22 12:10
B two practice sprints, running a 7 meters per second, B. 6.5 meters per second run. If the A to B X
1500 Training advice ZX12167489132010-04-22 12:10
I was two days of men, without professional training, performance is 5 minutes 16 seconds. I do not
How to quickly improve the long-distance running ability Dream Valance2010-04-22 07:10
soon to be sporting in the test, we measured 800 meters, the standard was 3 of 38, I generally run f
Seek expert on the standing long jump xdnloveus2010-04-22 01:10
I want to sport this year is three days of the test do not know how going on the last test, only 2 m
Tai Lai death, Obama said that Kim Jong-il killed, the attack on the DPRK. China will help? Disaster 19492010-04-22 01:10
Four classes of seventh grade, two-way to and Xiao Wei students ring circumference of 400 meters in  Xuerou MM2010-04-22 01:10
if they proceed from the same starting point, contrary to the line 25 seconds after the first encoun
How much should a two-hour marathon ran into the national team to 2007 Xiamen Marathon2010-04-21 14:11
know tell me, thank you
Long Jump Kai Xi hope2010-04-21 14:11
Hello, see you answer, listen to you say you are practicing the long jump is it? Women's long jump t
Kung Fu Kid's why can not correspond in a key run-up press, Xg00234562010-04-21 12:10
I can up and down left and right, not diagonally by, there is not step by ghosts, I see them I get d
5 nail spikes can run 800 meters? 20 points (master Jin) 6541925542010-04-21 12:10
for the first time through five nail spikes, running the 200 because the school's playground is a 20
Training requirements of 3,000 meters! ! ! ! ! censsor2010-04-21 09:11
Another month is our school's games, I would like some time to improve my level of 3,000 meters, 2,4
Mission Constitution Royal Latin Christians2010-04-21 09:11
Mission Constitution points? Please briefly answer!
800 meters training! - Ying Luo の chang2010-04-21 08:11
I am a temple that women, because the test body test run to 800 meters, so ask there any training sk
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