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A little bit lost, I am away from the Badminton ah

hijoni2010-01-21 01:02:05 +0000 #1
bar has been a year now, so watching them.

I'm one badminton enthusiasts it, why say "considered" because I play the ball well. I have always been, and one of my classmates to play with. We both go to the gym every week to play two or three balls. Every time I was far or near, watching them, I prefer the distant view, because they are around, then I would be very nervous. Body will be very stiff. They played a good intense, a good time, talked and laughed, and some sat on the seat next to the match and chat. I was very envious, I wish I was a good one of them. Can be done every time I looked and then looked away with them at that time, I feel a good sense of loss, a little wandering feeling. Is their excitement, I have nothing at all. They are a happy family, and I am not one of them, I am just an outsider. Who does not know, will not be of concern to ordinary people. Sophomore year due to the high enthusiasm has also joined the ABA Second Team, spent half a year left, and a freshman with the training really awkward, but was also elected team leader, I am a sister ah school, I really good embarrassed. I was introverted, in the two teams stayed for six months, only know the names of three persons. Feel that they are a stranger. Later, there are times at the gym, a fellow student of mine and I hit the ball after a while I said that I encouraged grounding Fortunately, you can go to two teams and give them practice time and I want to go, but some hesitation, because the words go a long free time less, but also money, I am not familiar with them again, I have always had a very depressed Badminton feeling, and sometimes been trying to up, I may have really been very problematic in the social context, alas, I have every time because the love for badminton mechanical forced themselves, when my teammates do not agree with, who are fool Jiaoqian go there himself more to practice what it wants, the result is so wasted. Am ashamed to say, I have been half a year when the president listed, and simply did what matter engaged in similar acts, when they also heard a joke to say "so small ah", I look relatively short. Some of them know my bar. But I feel that they do not know me, I did not pay attention them, and also dodging them, and now there is no passion, and just lost bar. Junior, ah, if a small point, I also cried fellow students so that they Zhijiao, but now themselves so much, alas. . . These contradictions to the nearest they feared that close. I have no confidence in himself, I am afraid they despise me, do not like me. . . I am afraid they think I am funny, I was afraid of being neglected, I have the hide, Oh, I would like to collapse, really,,,, I do not know ah,,,,

2009-09-12 16:46 improve the reward 50 minutes

2009-09-10 22:37 supplementary question

In fact, when I play are very happy, and sometimes the ball will make a good bad good laugh Huan felt fun. Mood Paradoxically it, and sometimes very much, and sometimes they do not care. My fear is probably because I have received to combat bar. I have a first and a master play, wanted to let him Zhijiao look, and a result, he played me to pieces, and said that the was willing to shoot the ball like that. There is a competition, just, and our school one of the strongest girl on the right has also been trounced by the During this period, my foot slipped, and actually played a high level of the net the ball, caused burst of laughter, alas. . .

0 Orange flavor 02010-01-21 01:17:51 +0000 #2
LZ age the ball longer than I could have been .. I play basketball, and later girlfriend likes badminton .. I bite the bullet and play with her feelings for two years playing badminton .. I really was not expected to play badminton in my girlfriend pleading under the badminton ... I was let go in terms of really bad from my personal training, grip the ball ... .. waving hair of the body force, and so .. The most uncomfortable is the mastery of the ball impact point. LZ as a girl can stand so long, is certainly very fond of this sport, as the technology and understanding of the ball are also stronger than me ..

LZ too much attention to others of their own vision, and playing badminton is a process to relax, to find happiness, so why care about how others think of this? If you have time to play the ball, I always think if a good fight, but not over the net people will laugh at me, the ball could have been good shots I hit sector of how to do ... this fight with a psychological burden badminton, even the best level of play did not come out .. say anything more, people around the level of their own to know what are the root Zhidi, and care about it do something more? If you always think that these words, you would rather not play, because in playing time simply can not find happiness, but the feelings of pain. Then should adhere to is that found himself hard to eat - I think that love is not necessarily to the presence of an campaign to express themselves on your understanding of the sport, the sport knowledge can be better than others, as can show that you love the sport! For example, you can observe some new moves to do some good guidance and correction (pay attention to words ..), usually in exchange it is able to tell the story of a number of badminton and celebrities were going on and it will not only increase the goodwill of others to you , but also give others the impression that you have improved ...

In fact, people around you are not necessarily laughing at you, probably because they love a joke or a character is like that. you have to try to join efforts to them, try to into their .. although doing so might be injured, but you do not try how will I know the result? If you have the opportunity to join them to miss this opportunity to exercise their own, it will be a great loss of life

need guidance ... where should she go to ask his advisor .. because the people are vain, and you ask him up, he will definitely be pleased with (especially girls ..- - I is the case. basketball team's favorite question people ask me ..), so that not only shows that he has the level of technology, but also his popularity seems high ..

Your team spent six months in the two only know the names of three ..... you are really a bit on the interpersonal problem (I also have a problem .. my senior year, and I all call the name of missing classmates. ..) this is not resolved I can tell you how the ... As for how to be good at communication, and so cheerful. You can find this book a look.

me so much it, a little more. have to teach tomorrow. . tomorrow the time to add

"In fact, when I play are very happy, and sometimes the ball will make a good bad good laugh Huan, I feel funny. Mood Paradoxically it, sometimes care about, and sometimes do not care" ... . ... I am not afraid of you a joke when the fat 10-year-old, family let me choose a sport to lose weight, when I only know that basketball and football, playing soccer, I Paobu Dong, so to play basketball at the beginning of the .. is completely forced, but I gradually began to love this campaign. Really pay attention when playing other people's eyes, especially when I was playing bad, and my heart how people will think how kind, how to fight their own .. and it will not come out with their own contests. You care so much about his play is good. . It is absolutely not necessary, but not professional athletes, they do not mean anything and # # Honor Honor .. you're on their own behalf, there is no responsibility on their shoulders like how to fight on how to fight them happy .. hit balls on the line too soon to judge other people face on, so their will be an enormous pressure, and have lost the fun of sports. "On one occasion, and a master play, wanted to let him Zhijiao look, the result, he fought me to pieces, and said to see the ball like that on the wanted to kill "The master is also no where to go higher, maybe he was just joking, but the joke is also limited and do not worry about other people's feelings and to evaluate the casual to belittle others, since that very sense of humor, is actually very being fed of the .. "there is a competition, just, and our school one of the strongest girl on the right has also been trounced by the During this period, my foot slipped, and actually played a high level of the net the ball, caused a burst laughter, "... the race funny scenes appear normal, and I also encountered grab grab rebounds out of an own goal, cap on his head bounced into the delete box ... We just think this scene more funny, is not against you mean ... .. you sure thin-skinned girl blushed ... to stand up to the people around them laugh and they would continue into the race ... there is still one that is pretending to be painful, hurt .. and then show grit one's teeth determination to adhere to the game .. so if not for you around the audience applause, the laughter will stop playing feel .... If you are happy slap ah .. the venue is entitled to insist on your way .. As for badminton continued after That is not to continue after that date, at least not let regret now ..
mcaty2010-01-21 01:46:17 +0000 #3
put your Badminton as a place to play, not too much. Do not know if you are not there this feeling, I always feel that their concerns are sometimes too much, everything will become cumbersome and complex. Put aside all the other people's eyes, only a simple search for his inner self, and all hand, simpler.

Do not worry about how others see you, all the people, in touch with some of the things that are not familiar with the need not to be a process, and age has nothing to do, everyone go through this process. The real master will not laugh at you, to laugh at you people, do not ignore it because they are going through or have gone through this process. Unclear, but some see their own poor people, facing them smile enough.

You always put himself as an outsider, not taking the initiative and others, others will naturally put you as an outsider. Do not think about how others judge you, it is important that you also have their own advantages and pride, but also unique in the world can not be replaced by:) So, to be self-confident to face everything, even the great man is not a city ah . Is important that we all want to move forward with a heart, both for their own lack of effort:)



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