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I'd like to send the leadership of the Deputy badminton rackets, Shayang good?

Badminton racket Personalized Custom2010-01-21 04:02:00 +0000 #1
Unit leaders like playing badminton, I would like to match up to send Vice badminton racket curry favor with about Hei hei. What brand is better? Do not too expensive, less than 5000 on-line.
xianyu752010-01-21 04:13:35 +0000 #2
YY bar, a more than 1000 yuan, but you do not know how much pounds you have led ah. Say hello and buy the first, adding a few hundred dollars of the same brand golf bag, there should be can be a.
yulei86672010-01-21 04:45:30 +0000 #3
Li Ning Xiaotian Lin WOODS N90

price of lindane used: 1980 won

Li Ning Yu Ling-feng Bao Chunlai STORM N70


Price: 1680 won

Li Ning Thunderbolt FLAME N55

Chen by

Price: 1680 won

Li Ning Xian Xie Yan-shan ROCKS N30


Price: 1680 yuan

YONEX (Yonex) ARC-9

Price: 3448 yuan

YONEX (Yonex) AT700LTD Olympic Games Limited Edition

Price: 3280 yuan

YONEX (Yonex) Yonex Armortec 700 Limited

Price: 3,300 yuan

Chinese Dragon 2008 Collection Edition Gift Set

TACTIC (Teddy) MS-99i

Price: 3586 yuan

badminton racket is more than 3000 should be the top of the ----

I think that gift, or a limited edition are more suitable for gift-giving ----

, or the leadership of his wife, if the play is also so , you can send two beat, lindane, and Xie Xingfang, the couple combined Well ----



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