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How does the backcourt in situ badminton smash? Jump smash it?

carlosyz2010-01-21 05:01:28 +0000 #1
Is always labeled as lofty goals, pay attention to the film surface and under the pressure of the wrist. . Please experienced master of pointing Oh -
0 Orange flavor 02010-01-21 05:12:50 +0000 #2
References previous answer

backcourt the ball over the net to kill kill the ball is more difficult technical requirements are higher .. because it requires not only great strength, but also have a strong awareness and the ability to mobilize the ball. Although the final blow is very important, but how to make opponents play golf is very important .. (This I do not explained in detail). Here are the next smash the backcourt where the need for attention

1: First, the power. No power there would be no high-quality smash .. smash the major force is made waist, back, chest and arm waving that ball .. First, the acceleration of the ball waist and strength enhancement has a strong role in promoting. Spike when the body is arched, with the twist waist, back also with a certain degree of pre-pressure forces will reach the chest with his arm. So, back strength are also important. Chest is a direct provider of arm power, but also the waist the back of the carrier power and importance of self-evident (swing when the deformation of the biggest is the pectoral muscle). The final step is the arm and wrist, and this is to give the ball to provide the strength and speed of direct-fat power point, I do not say a

2: The second is to kill the ball position and skills. First of all to judge the ball's impact point, and then sideways back (you can Dianzhe toes, I usually play with his classmates when the banner is done, so can increase the speed , take-off will be more effective). to kill the ball before the body was going to thrown back, into the bow to kill the ball point must be at hand clapped his hands before the side of the shoulder above the lofty than playing ball and lob even front. to kill the ball instantly depend on the strength of Bayao swing forward, and the wrist should be explosive, kick down the ball to have a certain stagnation., so that the role of time before the power of waist longer

3. is the racket of choice, and since the LZ do After the field smash, racket again, I long-winded question becomes superfluous

.. This issue has twice ... A first pass did not know what the answer was pork on a skewer of words ..



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