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Exterminate the southern one million soldiers2010-02-27 03:10:41 +0000 #1
yy fancy bows now 10 and I was force-type at900p player. Which do not know the election?

In addition, I saw the new yy out of a bow Z

If you like to kill the ball. Which selection do?

I do not introduce bow Z had this to say. Said to kill the ball faster speed than 900p. However, the power to kill the ball is not re-900p.

I do not understand this sentence. How unhappy weight. How fast is not heavy.

I like a shot life. .
zpl520ice2010-02-27 03:15:14 +0000 #2
see "how heavy displeasure. Is not how fast weight." The question that the bow sword 10 individuals would be more suitable,

from what I learned with the AS10 friends, AS10 get started fast and the whole feel is very balanced, and a slight bias attack. pleasure of a good offense.

from my playing situation does come across well-matched opponents, killing the ball quality is mainly reflected in the offense, so personally, tend to balance the properties of the racket .

or, to kill the ball to see if opponents have been prepared in the midfield, then kill point and, if the opponent did not have time to prevent, then to kill themselves chasing the ball.

This also can be basically mate you want results. Of course, re - Board does have to reduce the quality of opponents the ball back to the benefits, they still feel that according to her opponents or shoot the ball the wind to the election bar.

personally think that playing with two rackets better, say, a sudden disconnection of the exchange gains and Ye Hao can be.

supplemented, AS10, Farari style, men's hard to resist.

I am more sentimental and popular terms, not a professional, please forgive me.
dominated the snowy2010-02-27 03:25:47 +0000 #3
This is not the same as 3 Racket performance, heavy does not mean fast, bow z, at900po, Bow 10 comparison, if you really have power, then I suggest you use at900po, but Zhezhi racket on your own high technical standards, there is no certain level of skill to play a racket itself is difficult to performance, I wonder if you racket tension How many pounds of pull? If you can play around 27 pounds, it can purchase, failed to meet the requirements, the proposal did not buy. (The knowledge of the future to say)

z10, racket in the crowd, in 2009 the wind friction badminton, the reason so popular, this racket addition to good performance, the feel is also very good level of technology much, but the For the partial offensive players for a little light.

Bow z, (time, later reasoning)



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