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Frost difficult to dim-wing2010-02-27 14:11:14 +0000 #1
I am now is a high one, go out and students to play badminton, feeling that my own play the ball being insipid, wanted to buy a new shoot, what is good, about how much money? ? There are tempo and lines to buy separately is that right,?
zlxg1012010-02-27 14:14:34 +0000 #2
novice to buy around 100-300 can be beat, and recommended the victory or Kason! The badminton racket is a formal one to buy, of course, is another line to buy! But many shops are now buying the racket all send their line!

I will be recommended by cheap right lz.

Kason k-max series, are generally soft stroke ,150-180 win, comparison should be.

Kason X-Carbon and Stream series, won the 200 from top to bottom, torsion than the k-max high on a small one level, it is worth buying, but it looks like this series are in the hard rod in. (In fact, no more hard)

Victory explorer 630,064,006,500, priced at 200 to succeed, I recommend the 6500, that is, the green Nazhi, I think a good color. . And in the bar hardness is not great.

Beginners How did you select film

(a) beat a good or bad

1, beat the performance mainly from the balance. Cons. Soft and hard to quantify.

2, depending on your style of play and my preferences in general election defensive I recommend some of the victory of light (VICTRORY) licenses, the price to buy 200 or so, it is also most suitable for beginners; aggressive buying of the relative weight of the widening of pounds more to buy 350 of the cable card (from Germany) and.

3, no matter how should pay attention to: Grip the thickness of the holding should be comfortable with their own strong prevail pounds according to their own strength and play to be translated, it is best to buy all the carbon, because the elastic and difficult to use them damage.

to identify the method is also very simple, (because you want to buy all the carbon) as long as the holding Grip to shoot outside the box about Laos 1 Laos before and after, the elastic deformation beat the more obvious the better, because the carbon (the main component is the graphite) is a

very soft; as to identify the authenticity of the brand, as long as you do not shop to buy are basically true (brand) is.

(B) The pounds

it means that your beat line tied tight or too loose. Tied to the number of larger, indicating the more closely tied to beat line. If you level to a certain extent, the line will compile high-pounds Your back to the ball more powerful and threatening. (especially male athletes to kill the ball), but less than the level of high-pounds, then you may feel like the beat, playing with the eraser. Therefore, according to their level and strength of Select the appropriate level of a good beat pounds the line, and the different quality of the beat can bear the maximum pounds are different, and a good beat can be tied to the maximum pounds larger.

If you beat the quality of the factors excluded, then the general amateur male athletes can beat the best series of 22-25 pounds, female athletes compiled 18-22 lbs. Professional athletes in general are under 30 pounds and beat the men's doubles or even compiled to 30 pounds or more.

In short, do not blindly brand, should be a lot of small brands are great quality! To nearby larger racket point to walk around and find a suitable price of various brands, and then get beat up and wave to see if racket weight and shaft flexibility, racket handle size and shape co-sub-hand ... In a word, smoothly is the last word!
Silence01092010-02-27 14:50:08 +0000 #3
Li Ning's TP100B personally feel good, original price 680, after discount price of about 400-500 yuan . usually has a line to send film to buy, if the technology is not too high, then the proposed choice of the BG65 line YY or GOSEN 70 line, which both belong to the resistance to fight the line type. YY500 does not recommend the following options, and price is not high.
kunkingkun2010-02-27 15:12:44 +0000 #4
The price of victory I suggest you buy the Challenger 858, price 400 yuan or so, as I use is this beat, feeling pretty good, is an offensive shot, but I think since you are beginner, do not need to buy this beat, because your basic skills should not be too good, not necessarily the intensity of shot is too focused, or buy a softening in the racket under it, from basic skills training, the buy low-end film can win, and more than 200 yuan that's pretty good. Yonex's racket really good, but I feel that the high-end shoot out victory also good, as I am using the victory Liang Jian 10, personal feeling better than Yonex's high-end shoot much worse, or support emporium bar .
DU Xuan Ying2010-02-27 14:54:38 +0000 #5
right ah, to buy racket is not with the line,, have to get another bought up, and, in general, there is a place to buy rackets, and, as prices, ranging from 200-2000 I It does not seem professional athletes do not have to buy expensive almost'll be all right. . . . In fact, buy a 500 is almost 啦
Water flow Xin Bin2010-02-27 15:04:02 +0000 #6
recommendations or to buy Yonex Since you have already willing to spend 500 yuan a

Li Ning, I would not recommended because there is only one reason not used the same quality of professional

the same price You will buy Colgate toothpaste, or toothpaste

Light said LG is useless to the scene you want to buy your requirements and staff that allow them to give you a choice

badminton racket do the final analysis, a price that I have observed a cargo discount store for a long time this thing is hard to see discount
sindytb2010-02-27 15:29:09 +0000 #7
Hello, we do badminton hall and badminton-related products have been for many years. I give you the talk of coming true.

1: YY is a brand, price is not high. For example, YY of the 500 beat the price may be other brands of more than 200 (conservative estimate) about.

2: shoot out of the ball whether it is advantageous not only beat the problem. There are lines and pounds the ball. Generally speaking, novice, strength is not large, we do not recommend pulling pounds too high. 23 or so. If it is amateur, generally around 25. If the efforts fail, pull the pounds higher but less than force.

3: There is a line of flexibility. In accordance with models to row 65 of the most resistant to fight, and then next row. 95 flexibility is best and then move forward row.

Can go to the arena or the store take a look at the brand buy 200 or so, and then pull a good point line, He He



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