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The technical aspects of badminton

I am what I2010-01-21 14:01:03 +0000 #1
play all year, and recently played are more than a year ago, technology is of course a lot of progress, but of course, only relative to speak for themselves!

Recently a big 12 than he is years of playing, I am 25 years old, he was 37 years old, scoring the past two days, (21 points) are the first game I won, first day of the first Bureau is 21:11 win, the second Council is 8:21 loses; 21:16 the next day was the first game wins, the second set third set were 9:21,5:21 lose, do not know why the first Councils to win every day? and after both lose ? Moreover, the disparity of this magnitude? stands to reason that technology, he was less than I, and Why? and considered physical connection, I should be better than him, but also by the ball age, I should be longer than him, why lose is to lose the However, the score will be so big? I really want to win every possible means, but they can not win! I was a Yoshikatsu heart stronger, and I do not want this to continue, I want to win! Although the normal winning or losing, but at least do not score difference so far ah? God!!

I think it is a question of mentality, I have looked a little professional coaching school had several lessons in all aspects of movement is not very standard, but at least stronger than the other, but I'd like to think Yoshikatsu going is my heart too led to my defeat, I was a not afford to lose people, how should I do? Every time lost, my heart is not comfortable, especially some I think I'll win them, and sometimes strength of a far worse, of course, another matter!

Liu Jianming2010-01-21 14:13:05 +0000 #2
I am now 44 years old, playing badminton in a mountain town three years. Justified in view of the above, there note you say you have technology and other general or less the same, if you technology far more than the other side is that you will win again bad attitude, you mind how good it can not beat Lin Dan. mindset is not a panacea. so you have to be technically far more than the other hard fighting, badminton and technology are many.

Having said that, if you are far more than the other techniques did not factor in that state of mind is the decision, so that you actually lose the current situation in mind. no matter who is the Han cases, "everything just try to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the line, and relax thinking release hands and feet "is an ironclad of the positive theory," can not afford to lose "there is no objective meaning, and must be abandoned, which is basically no room for.

technology improves and the right state of mind not to say that out of the formation of a" refining "out of the to break out, so you should not that person being hit, and many other people playing the catches a, over a period of time obtain other person playing the same old look.



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