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To buy badminton racket should pay attention to what issues?

extreme beam2010-01-21 14:01:21 +0000 #1
, Such as title, I am a rookie, has just started to play badminton. Want to buy a 100-200 to beat, but does not know what issues should pay attention to. Is a light weight good or better? What to buy materials? What brand to recommend? Is best able to give a specific model or a picture and give the price, thank you -

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Flying bird2010-01-21 14:03:10 +0000 #2
main material, such as aluminum alloy or carbon, the carbon is better than aluminum, but also expensive; pounds, then the general play, then 22,23 is sufficient, only need to master more than 24 pounds or a racket, of course, to support pounds higher tempo of course, the more expensive. In addition, the weight of a racket, it seems 3U is 85-90 grams, 4U is 80-84 grams of looking at your favorite bar individuals.

YY expensive, but also Japanese goods, it is strongly recommended to buy domestic brands, such as kason or a victor are good, inexpensive volume is sufficient ,^_^
doll Adi2010-01-21 14:13:30 +0000 #3
1 200 buy a real carbon fiber rackets, The cheapest victor in the 300 Chutou (25 lb) line from the purchase.

Just started playing racket is the consumables, she bought a 50-70 yuan aluminum alloy, and other technologies mature, and back to carbon film.
Green Tea2010-01-21 14:59:51 +0000 #4
buy a Victory (victor) or wave power (bony) of the bar, it is strongly recommended wave forces, will be able to buy more than one hundred. Both men and women, beginners should use light racket. Play Six months later, if he defined as "force-type player" is more like the strong smash, and in another unix (YY, Yonex, the national team only) attack the beat, there are 400,500 yuan.

You buy a beat when they were naked shoot, the men wrapped around 22 pounds of strings for beginners can be, and Ms. 20 pounds Bar, with the strength gradually increased after the increase in three years later, the men should be used for more than 25 pounds of .



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