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I am what I2010-01-21 16:01:34 +0000 #1
1, how to kill the ball explosive practice?

2 pounds to kill the ball high or low speed relatively fast rate of pounds to kill the ball faster? High-pound louder than the voice of low-pound loudly do?

3, how to practice jumping to kill?

4, how to blaze the ball high quality? (Fast)
0 Orange flavor 02010-01-21 16:12:20 +0000 #2
to the right hand grip, for example, if you are left-handed then the contrary, the essentials are as follows:

1, ready to kill before the ball sideways, left foot in the former , feet the toes touch the ground, and back with the fast pace of retreat, so that sweet spot before the top of your right shoulder. Because the sweet spot on the list, then can only play golf in.

2, kill the ball before the lean back, the basic model into a bow, so that makes you spend all the forces of the body.

3, to kill the ball before the grip must be relaxed and have a gap between the palms and the Grip, which is the most important, because only the first power of relaxation can be obtained by killing the ball, otherwise, if the grip has been very tight, wrist strength to make sure that is not out. To kill the ball to kill the ball instantly grip beat energetically.

4, kill the ball before the first swing arm, also cited shoot, kill the ball instantly by the wrist and fingers (index fingers mostly) of explosive, like smoke, like a whip, this is all post-market technologies badminton focus, and tennis is not the same, absolutely do not rely on rejection arm to hair force, otherwise neither the speed of the ball in the past after another will make you hurt.

5, if you want to play jump smash, then take off around the time when the ball began to drop, and the first legs to keep peg-leg position, relying on tiptoe tread to the power take-off killing the ball, killing the ball immediately after the turn left foot in the post and the first touch the ground, his right foot after landing sites back to the center.

To kill the ball a misunderstanding: the power to kill the ball instead of relying on the strength

Some people say that I am not so bad to kill the ball. Is actually a misconception. Is not only the power to kill the ball. Most importantly, with the waving racket feeling.

How to explain this feeling it. Just started playing ball when the lofty, hair force direction is the front height.

And then issued the direction of force aimed at the ground, at the same time hitting the ball point of lofty gradually move forward.

Constantly move forward, you will find in one place after the ball all under the net.

When you continue to practice, gradually over the net just to find this point. Then you will find the location of the court a different
, this point will be not the same. Then find the best position you kill the ball point, through constant practice to become familiar with it, and remember it. Like basketball players free throw to close their eyes, as the height of basketball frame,

position has been firmly of the mind in their consciousness. In what position as long as the feel, you can

by virtue of feeling to the pitch.

A powerful smash instead of relying on force. Imagine a whip. You have to exhaust energy to wave it, the effect is very small and learn to use skills, through the wrists and elbows, hair force, will be able to make a strong pumping whip hit.

Kill the ball Misunderstanding 2: On the take-off killing the ball

I personally very much like the take-off killing the ball, but the take-off killing the ball has advantages and disadvantages.

You know the competition is very tough, but there are some opportunities to kill the ball with the jump ball and the general in-situ to kill the ball is no different.

So why do you want to waste it physically, through the take-off killing the ball and scoring are the same in situ killing effect. The take-off killing the ball at the time of landing is not a good balance, so very easy to lose focus, which will seriously affect your second shot off the tee. This seems lost than won.

Some people are used to jump in the audience are used to kill the ball, whether it is in the before and after the games. In the beginning it is able to get the lead, but as the game entered a stalemate, followed by games he often would be counter-from the super-and lose games. He must learn to rational allocation of their own physical strength. So I let him kill the ball to reduce the number of take-off, the peace crane split into golf, improved his play. After the match, he rarely because of lack of fitness behind the stage in the game lose situation.

Concluded that the take-off killing the ball very powerful, but my point is you do not necessarily need to use him. And very vulnerable to injuries. Practice time to be extra cautious, and within their means.

When you feel when the feet are not strong enough, try to focus on the right foot one foot take-off, so a little easier.

Same circumstances pounds pounds higher than in the low to kill the ball to kill the ball faster. Professional athletes pounds usually pulled more than 30 pounds to increase ball speed, doubles or a player known for the strength to even pull 35 pounds.

High-pounds than low-pounds will be more clear and melodious voice of some (the same forces of)

high quality to kill the ball where there is plenty of room for practice, not just the power .. you want to play the ball must be high-quality opponents mobilized to play you want the ball. So, in front of nets, hook right angle, the net chopping needs practice. Dunks on the racket, as well as the impact point are required to determine, first of all the racket should not be too light, there must be a certain weight, varies, not must be well-known brands, holding hands together in your hand that is the most important, pull pounds should not be high, medium and pounds on the line .. usually 22 pounds, 26 pounds too big, is not conducive to hair strength. I suggest you take a high jump pressure means a higher batting points, hitting time, in advance, step should be in place, that is, pre-sentenced to be very good, hanging with splitting the pursuit of impact point difference is that the pursuit of speed and dunks.

hijoni2010-01-21 16:38:19 +0000 #3
playing badminton, wrist force is very important, more than usual and thought, hitting the wrist issued when flash power, so will Fast.

Action is necessary to regulate, the correct hair will not only play strike force will reduce injuries.

Low-pounds of highly flexible, but the placement of difficult to grasp; high-pounds of fight will be very difficult, but it can control the placement of very prospective.

If you are a beginner, I suggest you one way or another 23-25 slowly increased. best 23 and 24.25 is too difficult for beginners. Unless you have very fresh wrist injury is not easy to twist
! Pounds would be too high or else the black wrist tired.

Pounds of high speed of the ball to kill relatively fast

I think the footwork is the most important, and need more practice!



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