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Yonex badminton racket

Exterminate the southern one million soldiers2010-03-07 08:11:38 +0000 #1
Today, I am the blue sky from Beijing International Trade badminton store that bought a at900p. 1150. But back to look at is the sp version. China should not be a ch version? This is not a fake ah? Well or not? ? ?
long said that like you2010-03-07 08:25:58 +0000 #2
are not false, the general YY of the badminton racket is now commonly divided into three versions,


were: Japan, Singapore version of Chinese version

used to be Indonesia is not there a version ah? Or and Singapore edition of confused me?


general evaluation of the JP is better than SP is better than CH

Why? YY is a small Japanese things ah, good both for themselves, and then find and their own relations point of slightly better, giving Singapore the other side, and the last defect to China by

However, no official basis of fan speculation that

ought to be purely is the same thing
Ziyun Xiao 20092010-03-07 08:40:50 +0000 #3
not a fake

Yonex AT900P SP version of badminton racket

Product Code: AT900P-SP

Steel type: shoot pole: 7 lithography steel; Grip: 8 lithography

in the elasticity of steel tube: Hard

Materials: beat box Material: ultra-high strength carbon fiber composite titanium armor + gForce Ti alloy

shoot pole material: high-strength carbon fiber + nickel-titanium shape memory alloy (Ultra Titanium / Ultimum Ti)

Weight : 3U (85-89 grams), 4U (80-84g)

Length: 674mm (film shot lengthened 10mm)

YONEX Recommended Tension: main line: 3U :20-23 Pang; 4U :19-22 pounds;

horizontal : 3U :22-25 Pang; 4U :21-24 pounds;

for player rating: Occupational class, senior
chicken ventilation2010-03-07 08:49:33 +0000 #4
SP is generally said that Singapore version, but now many of the so-called SP, tw, hk version is trickery, Yijiachongzhen, or true and false with the sale.

Normal play and more people can see that difference, even in high imitation, can be distinguished by touch, like you do not know, I recommend getting YY store in Beijing to go, people look at you telling the truth, YY's stores can be found in YY's official web (in the consumer services inside), there is a search option to true or false, you do not point, and it will only check the domestic Beats

But frankly, the possibility of relatively large fake ... but if it is true, then no problem, the quality is not bad, just that the warranty on the ...



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