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How to buy a badminton racket to select? ?

chaos red horse2010-03-07 12:11:05 +0000 #1
I do not understand how pick tempo, I do not know how pick it for themselves?

Now want to buy a 400 to 600 of the price of the racket, I wonder if there is no suitable? Recommendation 1, it is better Kawasaki or victory! ! Thank you
lindagy982010-03-07 12:25:37 +0000 #2
First make sure you are offensive or defensive, or balanced-type

offensive sexual selection a little weight, center of gravity of the racket head by shooting, defensive choice lightly beat the middle of the center of gravity, balance

specific choice of taking them beat, you can see the parameters of beat, tempo there are two basic parameters of

G: Badminton Grip is used to indicate the thickness, usually 4G, 5G, 4G hands for big people use.

U: general descriptive information on badminton shot inside the U will be used to express the weight of the specific weight is 3U is 85-89 grams, 2U is a 90-94, U is 95-99 grams.

General common standard method for the U, 2U, 3U. Some manufacturers have also used his own label such as: Victory card (VICTOR) of the badminton racket, and its weight marked as W1, W2, etc. correspond to the 2U, 3U, but the most common is the former. In general the weight of total carbon badminton racket mostly 2U (90-94 grams) or 3U (85-89 grams), while the weight of aluminum badminton racket frame is generally U (95-99 grams) or more, but now there are a few full-carbon-yu The weight of shoot as low as 80 grams, such as YONEX ISO-SWING-POWER-500 to SR as well as the SA model is just 81 grams. Heavier racket for good strength and emphasis on offensive players, a lighter racket is more suitable emphasis on defensive players. If you're more of a use of offensive play, 2U weight is relatively good, the badminton racket 3U If you feel there are some floating shots, badminton racket, is insufficient to kill the ball.

In addition, there can choose the shape of the racket head, square head is a partial defense, the round is balanced, a little pointed in an offensive

In addition, there is also the number of parameters, but I estimate that this number should be in front of the almost allows you to find your own tempo for the.

Also, if you can afford the price of 400-600, in fact, there are more choices. From my personal feelings with the beat, tempo Kawasaki I suggest that you do not take into account, and 400 more victories than you can buy a good beat, in addition, cable and high cards sotx God gosen can have a lot of choices, it seems that these two sponsored by the German national team beat the other one is Japan's second-largest maker of badminton rackets, there are a lot of good beat Oh! A good selection bar, I wish you luck

all their own voice of experience Oh, want to encourage
Yantai Power congregation to expand2010-03-07 12:53:02 +0000 #3
victory can be quite good with my friend ah
shenluxi1232010-03-07 12:24:20 +0000 #4
This should be based on your advantage to choose, such as you are faster, better, or endurance or explosive power, and so good

good point .... shoot, generally have different performance characteristics, which characteristics you need to select the appropriate performance of your shoot, rather than to generalize to say that a good or bad a shot. Some shoot up and I am now very good, but you beat up on the uncomfortable.



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