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Recommended by experts badminton shoes

manxiaohe2010-03-07 21:11:37 +0000 #1
Yonex I just shoot and recommended by Li Ning, or other brands please click on your upper right corner of the X,.

Of course, first of all I would like to make a pair of my jumping ability could be the biggest play, and then want to look distinctive.

Just on the YONEX saw several good sites, such as SHB200 and SHB101 (blue). But I do not know Which is more suitable to me, I should buy tomorrow, I hope the brand experts to express their views and to help bid on original price is. (I do not care about the price)

would be grateful, first like to thank! ! !
Frog frenzy2010-03-07 21:26:21 +0000 #2
哈哈 asked people to wear all of my own YY of

I was wearing this pair of shoes SHB101 parcel with the good and the blue looks great

jumping performance you need not worry about floor buffer in the braking moment is also very good very good

comfortable and parcel of my most valued

but not expensive at all SP version of the 550 or so

呵呵 hope that my answer to be useful for Louzhu
Yi Beth Special2010-03-07 21:36:46 +0000 #3
Xunfeng Kumpoo PS Nano A291H badminton racket

Material: High rigidity of carbon fiber yarn + nano materials

Weight: 86 ± 1g

Balance Point: 285 ± 3mm

Length: 675mm

Hardness: moderate

Mains skip: ≤ 26LBS

1, using high-rigid carbon fiber yarn + NANO materials.

2, golf tapered design of the tube (7.5cm - 6.5cm), a milestone in the management of traditional racket from 7.0cm down to the smallest diameter 6.5cm, except to hit the ball feels more sensitive, but also makes the a great shot upward bending point, hit the ball more quickly, 3,9 points, concave, so that linear-elastic effective sweet area network upgrade.



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