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Victory 6500 badminton racket how pulling 23 pounds on the collapse?

YDOIXU2010-03-09 20:11:18 +0000 #1
Spent more than three months, and just bought to be able to pull 25 pounds, and now re-pull 23 pounds in some places on the collapse. 210 yuan in Taobao bought. Genuine do this happen?
guyue_19892010-03-09 20:21:49 +0000 #2
Council, so most of you would be, I pull the master, and Latin America under the 1000 does not beat, and for the first time to help you pull of America said the new purchase to you must be less than the minimum beat beat pounds pull, you pull one up to 25 pounds, this rod is absolutely impossible to beat in terms of fact, the problem is not out of your rhythm, when the second pull, but rather lies in your first Latin beat, but also in the process of beat you play on the damage has already begun, and you so strange if it is not bad. Of course, if you have this beat is false, then it would be even, and off beat because it was essentially no carbon content, immoral, pulled a pound on the bad, you see if you have the quality guarantee of victory, victory is quality assurance book. To spend money to buy a lesson
Huili_462010-03-09 20:45:00 +0000 #3
authentic when you are using does not rule out the Caesar finally in sight. . . And Taobao This kind of shopping or a Do not buy something of high quality requirements 啦 -
tributaries _2010-03-09 20:34:18 +0000 #4
210 yuan how a victory would be to buy genuine 6500?

Genuine 6500 pulling 26 pounds have no problem

VICTOR triumph adventurer 6500 Badminton making 09 the new

Performance characteristics: Long-type badminton rackets, a balanced offensive and defensive type, with moderate hardness shoot pole and balanced design, the use of hand especially older models like the Explorer 6200. European style and color with eye-catching fashion, truly reflects the international development trend of victory!

, Or recommend to a network such excellent professional website bar.

Shoot pole flexibility: moderate

beat box Material: Carbon Fiber

the pipe material: carbon fiber

shoot the body weight: 3U 4U

Pull pounds: 3U horizontal (H) ≤ 26Lbs vertical (V) ≤ 24Lbs

4U horizontal (H) ≤ 24Lbs vertical (V) ≤ 22Lbs

shot the body length: 675mm (Long Type)

Balance Point :283-290MM

for the crowd: both offensive and defensive-type players!



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