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Also buy badminton shot! Please recommend Come

15,088,632,2512010-03-24 06:11:50 +0000 #1
I belong to an amateur middle level, the victory of the Challenger 9100 a good feel smashed, and practice of using pounds is 25 pounds or so, and now want to buy a block of other good quality racket that can safely pull 25 pounds so pat, partial defensive, it is best authentic film, high-imitated film will do. The recommendation of the genuine fake film shoot and the high price of less than 300. . Let me refer to reference, thank you oh
hSeaSky2010-03-24 06:26:02 +0000 #2

I came by Li Ning is now Kason raise prices after the acquisition. . 300 under the beat running out

and it is to raise prices to combat victory. High imitation shoot or not to recommend to buy

like you a good level of experience should be able to shoot with a fake is a genuine feeling of Mo Fabi

KASON now has several tempo around 280-300 yen after the price adjustment between the

defensive tempo. Students bought. I have used,, feel good, quite light. Unstrung 78 grams. The maximum pull 28-29 pounds is no problem

drawback is that to kill the ball the ball is a bit slow. This is a pat no way to avoid.

Kason 300 under the beat had a few. . You can go to the store to see KASON. .
Snow Mountain Eagle 5012010-03-24 06:43:56 +0000 #3
try Kason (kason) some of the tempo, for example, Kason K-MAX 150
Star trace ABC2010-03-24 06:37:30 +0000 #4
I think the 300 the following beat impossible to separate attack and defense, as 300 The following materials are carbon-beat Su-fiber, getting shot hardness is medium, like the flame VICTOR over 3531,200. If you want to really want to buy a defensive point of the beat I suggest that you buy at the save point VICTOR pulse of Ti98, at 400-500 or so, I think the only racket feel good, than the previous YONEX the NS9000S, appearance is not bad !
liji12172010-03-24 06:41:28 +0000 #5
price beat the victory of good



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