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To open a badminton hall in Shanghai, the processing flow for that?

hsg15902010-03-24 14:12:14 +0000 #1
For example is the first optimistic lot, or first went to industrial and commercial registration, please remind experienced what - go to the registration process, what is more -
sindytb2010-03-24 14:28:53 +0000 #2
badminton hall relatively large initial investment, but as a sunrise industry , so if money no place to invest, or can be done. Do not look the other arena business is good, but may not be busy for money down, or employees may earn more than more than pull plate. We now have two Arena.

If you have to think clearly, you can build their own, and then to find an experienced company to manage. The same hotel as 7 days. We are the facility management companies, especially in badminton venue management. Many years of experience, it is necessary to see if any help to you

the same time, Arena fire is a great one input, if you can find someone to carry out the fire down. I am now the two are not. But both also got license.



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