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To help me select the Deputy for his badminton racket, right?

Peach yao know2010-03-26 07:10:16 +0000 #1
I, F, badminton technique is good, a lot of boys playing, but I can be regarded as half of the practice shijiazi bar, height 161, speed, strength endurance are still okay, like the smash, but it really is not clear for many years on the racket individuals prefer to victory and YY, and still a student price of around 200 bar, (very much like YY, and too expensive ah)
Small Langzaiaoao2010-03-26 07:24:13 +0000 #2
yy is a professional grade absolute tempo, but the Buy yy can see his high-end things, 200, whether it is a yy which is impossible.

Now the entire team with Li Ning, but they certainly are all tailor-made, and the beat to the market has not yet been affirmed. I went to Li Ning's physical stores have seen a number of tempo, but not on-line play, they can only watch it about, feel and all the other big brand is no different, but, and yy ratio, whether it is elastic, or working on, or some gap, of course, certainly compared with the grade.

200's price I would recommend Kason and victory, which beat two low-end domestic product is still very fair, there are a few of her younger two are using a beat, I tried, the feeling is good.

At the same time, I feel that girls play, we should focus more on response, speed, control and endurance of the ball, high to kill the ball Daoshi secondary, because in any event, the strength and height of girls decided to kill the ball of your location and力量. Bounce and height is not enough, very often, midfield is no chance to kill the ball. Then the market high, and it must have absolute power to ensure the killing of the ball and the ball impact point. However, in terms of height, bounce, or in terms of speed, girls, do not have advantages.

At the badminton venue, the perfect defense can be turned into a sharp attack!

Add that to buy tempo, go to physical stores, online cottage too many things we should not spend money wasted.
sundaeyu2010-03-26 07:49:40 +0000 #3
I chose Li Ning, Li Ning's junior badminton are good, or it used brand lindane. Li Ning's HC1000A, HC1000B models are good, are a balanced offensive and defensive type, prices are 200 yuan so.
peter24612010-03-26 07:53:51 +0000 #4
200 yuan or so do not buy a YY a, YY's price advantage is reflected in a thousand dollars, in other words, the price of the YY price is relatively high, in fact, YY has a bow and arrow 9 am for you, that is expensive, it is necessary 1,000 yuan, the other no good proposals.



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