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Hankou, Wuhan What badminton hall here?

Seven 1234562010-03-27 00:10:54 +0000 #1
Wuhan City Badminton Hall

1, Xinhua Road Stadium?? Booking telephone 85,767,796. Seems to be eight, plastics, the price of impression is 35 / h, may be the best one comprehensive, but difficult to set to.

2, body of work Big Five hug badminton hall?? By separate ways electricity, cars, taxis Yuema Chang, to the Uprising Park (Sports Street, Xin Hua Yuan Hotel next to the garden arch that Uprising straight) direction, reading Racecourse parking locations change, take the bus-Peng Liu Yang Road Station is best to get off, relative to the Yue Machang Station walk should be close more, due to the tunnel project starts Yuema Chang's sake, the original 728,703 and so on-line to the Hankou and Hanyang station has moved away from the direction of the original with the tram stop close to the place where from the Si Menkou relatively near. The 701,710 is equivalent to the station, according to my observation, from the Great East Gate in the more recent local, Albert Eye Hospital, Hubei Theater direction to the point, South fiscal great diagonally across the door. And other lines of the original 728,703 to pay for the direction of the station house slope away from the Great East Gate has also moved to a place relatively close to the entrance of the South but also to the large fiscal greatly Gate direction. 701,710 in the same direction, according to the station master on duty said that in the Industry, Communication Uprising Square, near the cheese to take 701,710 lines. Designate specific inquiries about another.

3, the National Exhibition Sports Center?? Arms fairs behind the entrance near the Beijing-Hankou Road. 85,816,016

4, Wu Chin?? Wu Chin-G. Wu Chin-underground Zhicheng Sports Center 85858186-800. Disadvantages: slippery .. Wu Chin-bottom movement 100 Arena 85,816,048

5, Yan-Long?? 85,770,061. Bibo an apartment next to the Taipei all the way, young people outside the Palace of rotating slide next to the trail into a public toilet, go straight. Site conditions good, but the service staff arrange for the emergence of conflicts. Sub-time charges, non-prime time is very cheap, very expensive prime-time.

6, marine engineering?? Naval Engineering College, into the gate, go straight Daotou, partial right. Wood flooring, 20 / h. Blue line the edge of the site, it is clear, the middle yellow line, and the color close to the floor. Disadvantages: into the sea is not an ordinary work of such military academies trouble, ghosts orderliness have many.

7, Chinese Olympic Badminton Center's new museum - Museum of Xinhua Road?? Xinhuaxia Road opposite a small music-chuan, Tang Jiadun Supor plants inside. Wood flooring site, there are two plastic venue on the 27th before the market rent half price, and now a kind of experience cards, 88 yuan / 5 hours.

8. Wuhan Seven Badminton Center. Address. Jinqiao Avenue, Hankou, Wuhan No. 1. is a culvert that by Guo Zhu Yeshan turntable. Establishing telephone 82,885,288.09 opening years of October 1, site is very new, double to long, solid wood flooring professional sports, professional sports flooring, 10 m clear height, professional light dimming lights, large parking lot. Monday to Friday, 7 am to 10 points, 12 yuan / hour .10 points to 16 points, 28 yuan / hour .16 points to 23 points, 48 yuan / hour. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 7 points to 10 points, 18 yuan / hour .10 points to 23 points, 48 yuan / month on the 1st 9 hours .3 discount. member is basically 8,5 fold.

9, Wansong Park primary schools Bonny Arena ?? wood floors, 6 or so. 85,748,442. Disadvantages: not willing to turn on the lights in the overcast and rainy days Do not go. Advantages: lower fees.


Hainan Coconut2010-03-27 00:22:41 +0000 #2
is relatively easy to find weapons underground and behind the State Fair Exhibition Center, two of the sport. After the show of force directly to the person who asked OK
Ott flooring2010-03-27 00:16:36 +0000 #3
Wansong Park Road Primary School on the left straight red pine to Wan-hua Road, turn right and pass through the small alley to the mountain plum stadium can be.



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