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Some of the issues on the badminton racket

GOTHyctc2010-03-27 06:10:22 +0000 #1
recent plan to buy a badminton racket, eyes on the victory of nano-7 and Li Ning's TB200B, I am a physical education student intends to major in badminton, may I ask which of these two for a more for me, thank you!
gigolo02010-03-27 06:23:37 +0000 #2
Both beat both beginners, intermediate badminton racket is cost-effective both offensive and defensive-type majoring in Badminton, then no matter what the election should be changed after the high level of the equilibrium point slightly higher than the film TB200B nano 7 Li Ning's beat some of the design and appearance of the trend of more powerful if you two are not the perfect choice for your selection bar Ning nano-7 I just could not get 7, when the narrow version of easy beat box chopping the box on the box

Li Ning It is normal generous head. Strength of a large offensive tempo after the incumbent, the first type used that time, this balance may not be very comfortable with adaptation consider direct entry to the victory TI98 TI99 Liang Jian 10 nor can not be like ah



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