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How can auction around Anzhen badminton? There are, ah, do not cost more appropriate near the badmin

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I bought in Aotidongmen beat around, not the Menlian, is a professional badminton equipment sold, and is little known in the online shop, but unfortunately forgot what his name, in the Long Qiang Hotel a little bit south, opposite the sports museum, blue signs are said to beat fidelity. but I did not buy high-end, entry-level victory is still around in it. something quite sound.

watch online to, and called the health of the music. not to mention cheaper prices, but should all be real. There are better a little online shop is the blue sky, and more professional, the price is slightly higher.

Beijing Badminton Shopping Mall

the joy of health and health The Asian Games Village music shop: Court Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, No. 1, 1-22 Long powerful hotel Simon and I love my family next. Long Qiang Hotel parking courtyard.

Specific routes: Ring the first traffic light south of Anhui Bridge (note the car turn left and stop at this time), crossing-Benz showroom, under the south bridge is 100 meters walk to.

Ring Anzhen second bridge across the street north of Tung Tau under the flyover, you can see the joy of healthy birds storefronts, drive forward the traffic lights turn right into parking. Stability of the body of the former State Road Olympic Sports Center 100 Mima Road opposite the south east gate location.

Subway line: 1) Take line 5 to benefit the new West Street North exit points, from C's mouth (south-east exit), asked 18 Road eastbound bus terminals, down 18 Road to the small body of the shut-off , pedestrian bridge over the station across the street, under bridges you can see the joy and health; 2) Take Line 2 to Andingmen Station, transfer to the body of points 328,108,124,758,858,850,803, etc., the former 50-meter flyover I love the edge of my house.

Bus lines as a description, a small body of relevant bus station Road East, across the street can see the bottom of the vertical bridge. . Store photos 1; photo 2; photo 3; Photo 4;

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