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Buy a new badminton racket I played a few times, which appeared in the sand kind of sound

Chcyw2010-04-09 06:11:13 +0000 #1
the advantages a network buy VICTOR Super Nano 7, I played a few grains of sand which is there something like the sound, the mood is irritable, beat show is genuine. How is it? Some people say that the arc set, I checked should be no problem, is not it time to pull the thread fell into the go? Can split a curve set, and then get it out Why?
frog frenzy2010-04-09 06:21:12 +0000 #2
victory beat YY I had this situation of how I was not there too

many reasons it hit the racket frame landlord often play it?

If so, which is probably a bit small materials fall Nano

Victory 7 paints a very thin water can not enter

The Paint Falling off the thread, then the possibility is not impossible is just a small bit

worry This does not affect the game's all right all right
Wind Xiaoyu cold2010-04-09 06:47:34 +0000 #3
it does not matter does not affect the game, I beat a YY in the same way, have played three years without something.
Dapeng197810032010-04-09 07:34:33 +0000 #4
I have had this situation, should be bound lane of the problem, no matter, will not affect the play, and rest assured
Los butterfly rain cream2010-04-09 06:51:35 +0000 #5
no. Many are like that racket. My racket on it, to the repair brand, who said that if it is not very important, do not repair, repair a beat again in the future can not be easily confused with the. Besides not affect play. If you really want to repair, you can go to famous badminton racket shop, where to find specialized repair personnel repair shot.
Rice Space2010-04-09 07:53:31 +0000 #6
badminton racket and those separated by a small plastic film line fell box, and does not affect use.
HSeaSky2010-04-09 07:49:40 +0000 #7
My YY is the beat. . Is the shot that nailed interrupted. . Then fell to shoot inside the box to the effect

nothing is listening to go an 'suck. Feel very uncomfortable

can not be the end of a thread. . Thread is soft. No sound.

Waiting for you next time when the line break. .

You can go to the pull of out

I was so



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