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Badminton's history (the less the better)

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badminton history, there are different views, an argument that originated in Japan, there is another way of saying that originated in India. But certain is the birth of modern badminton in the United Kingdom, about 1800 or so, change comes from the tennis. If you pay attention you can see it in the badminton and tennis facilities are very similar. In 1870, appeared with feathers, cork ball and do wear the racket strings. From 1873 onwards, badminton will be gradually unfolded, when the venue is a gourd-shaped, two middle narrow width, narrow office linked network, until 1901, was converted to rectangular.

1893, the world's first Badminton Association - Badminton Association of England was established and organized in 1899 All England Badminton Championships

1934, from Canada, Denmark, Britain, France, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales, etc. China launched the International Badminton Federation, based in London. Since then, increasing international competition badminton.



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