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Is there a small square head lightweight badminton racket Recommended

huajianfans2010-04-13 06:11:20 +0000 #1
I like to play badminton, but my wrist less important a good beat to play. I've used Triumph 98Ti, now with the cable card STB 8080 +. This beat is very light, only about 77 grams, fight very smoothly, is easy backhand catch. But 8080 + is the round shot, sweet Region. So there you recommend something super small square head pat, please specify Model
Feng Wei drop2010-04-13 06:19:34 +0000 #2
Hello! Ultralight Series badminton Kaisheng have the ah - there are many models, you should have used clear Chukai Sheng Kai Sheng of the product right.

In my opinion, I think you even if wrist is small, not going to deliberately pursue badminton racket in the light, because anything pros and cons, light, then you are able to easily receive the ball, but the direction and stability will be poor many, unless you can hit the ball well placement, I have a 6.7 years to play, and used many brands of tempo, but the high end of the beat is taking other people played, because I felt no need to buy so good, more than doubles because I am afraid of hitting beat, huh, huh.

Other beat I do not recommend blind, not played the beat do not talk nonsense, shoot in my yard used to recommend you a few, this is the true feelings.

The first thing I recommend Kai Sheng of the X-Carbon 2.0, this is a very balanced rhythm section is a small square head of the racket, but a standard long Oh, that is, the length of 665 cm of the shoot. I bought two to use, this beat is a 3U, and that is from 85 to 89 grams in weight, but because the tempo is more balanced, so you will not feel top-heavy, swing very flexible rod is medium, the ball will not feel sticky, marked on the pounds is 20 to 22 pounds, but I have no problem pulling 24, very strong! ! This is the one I played very easily beat, especially the doubles, not heavy, fast, can be flexible with the ball, I feel like Chao pat it, Oh. Smash also terrific.

The second victory of the nano 7 I recommend it, many properties are relatively modest, generous head of the racket head is, if you require light, Keyixuanze 4U, and nano-7 bar is a middle partial Diandian Ruan, and Zaida passive When the ball can get the benefits of soft shot, shoot a longer body, a mainstream film, I felt that I could color it in general, more balanced 4U is also more easily light the beat.

Third on the Kai Sheng's ultra-light series of beat it, concrete is almost the same model is also more like the store, then went to choose the color on it.

Fourth, the Asian lion and dragon it! Asian lion beat the dragon most are relatively light, and now also a shining out of beat matching, you have to watch herself slightly!

Only for reference! I wish to buy their favorite early pat, game by leaps and bounds! ! !
Ttdemaque2010-04-13 06:52:02 +0000 #3
Recommend Kai Sheng's steam8.1 and Troy series.

Steam8.1 special lightweight, lofty level pumping speed, and special effort. Troy is a typical novice control film, the film fast, labor-saving, lightweight, able to control the ball very well the impact point.

Or 4U Super Nano 7, is equally suitable for beginners to use.



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