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Difference between victory 35319500

zozsos12882010-04-14 04:10:21 +0000 #1
Thank you master
chem_992010-04-14 04:12:45 +0000 #2
different grades of tempo, but feel the difference was not significant.

9500 from the material point of view is the same with 3531, but both pull pounds can bear different.

3531 is the primary entry-shot, pulled up 24 pounds. 9500 can be regarded as intermediate entry shot, can pull 26 pounds.

Basically the difference on this point was. Another is that 9500 is a small square head, plus breaking style design, the pole than the 3521 fine, the wave speed a little quicker than the 3531. Are moderate in hardness between the two rods are balanced ones.

Price point of view, the reality of differences between the two is not large, with about 50 or so spread. If you want to find a long-term use of tempo, but there are more than 200 yuan of the budget, you can choose 9500.

But I personally bought the 3531 because it is cheaper. Plus I do not think the high level of self, can never have hit a level more than 24 pounds. So 3531 for me. If you like drawing other people, field, and then came alive again put the ball, I strongly recommend 3530. I have used this, good. 3531 of the bar than the 3530 hardware, it is balanced. 3530 is the soft, is balanced, but more suitable for control of the ball.



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