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What better badminton racket (the price between 150-200 dollars), plus a good reward! ! !

Llcczz12010-04-18 23:10:54 +0000 #1
I am 180cm, to be offensive racket, but do not know which racket is better, easier to hear the victory broken, yy another do not know how, please help out and add a good reward! ! ! ! ! !
hSeaSky2010-04-18 23:27:04 +0000 #2
first say. Do not listen to upstairs. . He did not know know anything. . All of his mishandling of the

Online information are also copied the. . Those are a few years ago information

98TI500 dollars? Him how much I have to much. . Now fail to get 900.

I am a big school teams in Xi'an

you are such a price a little lower. . You can see the fake Yonex racket. . Genuine no price points. . And Yonex racket cost under 600 is not high.

Another Victory Who beat easily broken? I am pumping him for you. . . You do not hit the wall he would break?

Victory of 9500 beat the 200 in under the cost is very high. .

Do not understand the message it



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